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VIP Package: Maximum business rating

How to quickly increase your website visits?

The Maximal Business Rating Service Package is expected to realize requirements of the dynamically developing business demanding fast growth in the Internet. A wide scale of realised actions allows to place your company rapidly in TOP-3 ranking on keywords defining your activity in all our business catalogues, and also to take the leading positions in popular search engines of Ukraine.

Internal and external advertising, audit and SEO optimisation, high-quality content improvement, websites promotion in search engines, and a personal profile placed in numerous databases widely displaying both activity, and corporate spirit of the company — all of this and much more is included into the complex offer VIP Package Maximal Business Rating Service.

Individual approach and modern SEO technologies guarantee promotion of your business and enable you to take advantage of the numerous privileges inaccessible to your competitors. If your purpose is promotion of a website and long-term maintenance of leading positions - use our possibilities to receive desirable result.

Maximal Business Rating Service Package is a guarantee of your company leadership in the Internet environment.

Promotion and advancement of your business with UA-REGION means quick results in short time.

The cost of the proposal — 9000 UAH 1 year.

Detailed description package:

We offer: You obtain:
1. Maximum business rating in all our Internet and CD catalogues (5 stars):

Guaranteed getting into the TOP-3 ranking on keywords defining your activity of all our business catalogues.
Improvement of your website visibility in search engines Google, Yandex, META.
It will provide the maximal increase of visits on your website and attract new clients requiring services provided by you.
2. Placement of the most complete profile of your enterprise on all websites of the Integrated Business Information System "All Enterprises of Ukraine".

The individually made profile will contain the essential contact information:
  • contact information (factual and legal address, website, email, phone, fax, names of such officials)
  • Directions for interactive map of your city
  • your logo, brand name, brand graphics
  • video presentations describing the activity of your company
  • description and images (photographs) of your products, goods and services
  • price lists
  • various promotional materials
  • specially selected keywords (tags), describing the activity of your company
A maximally complete profile will be accessible to all users of the Internet on the following network resources:
The information presented in the personal company profile is formed basing on a peculiar principle — on the one hand, it is not to overload a potential customer with information, and on the other, to provide it with complex information characterizing all company products and services.
3. Indexation of your company profile by popular search engines. Search engines work on the basis of precise algorithms and logics. Obviously, searching robots analyse information not from the point of view "it's interesting" or "it's exactly what I search". Therefore providing of profile indexation becomes the guaranty of the company being known in the network.
The use of modern SEO technologies will allow to find your company in the search engines on any request containing keywords characterizing your business.
4. Maximum rating of your company in the most popular search engines Google, Yandex, МЕТА.

Using the most effective methods of promoting websites in search engines allow for the projected time to reach leading positions. We will carry out quality work on:
  • audit and remedial work on the site content
  • selection and placement of keywords describing your business (up to 50 tags)
  • implement SEO-optimization and promotion of your company in all the sources of business-portal UA-REGION
  • acquiring links to your profile by key words, as on external sites (100 references) and from the inside pages of our website (200 links)
The achievement of the maximal rating in the most popular search engines guarantees high number of visitors of your company website and increases the personal interest of potential customers and business-partners to your products and services. Efficiency of business promotion is provided by rapid and quality audit, polishing of your website content according to the keywords most optimal for the search engines.

Progressive expansion of the link mass will bring your company stable high positions in the various databases and business directories. As all promotion measures are target audience-directed external and internal links will allow not only to attract new clients but also to accelerate a decision-making process about collaboration with your company. This will be your additional advantage over competitors.
5. Website promotion in a «Business Guide™» network.

All sites of «Business Guide™» network will contain the following information about your company:
  • possibly complete list of goods and services (up to 200)
  • price-lists (up to 20)
  • news about activity of your company (up to 40)
  • high-quality advertisement articles (up to 40)
Resources of the «Business Guide™» network allow to place maximally complete information about activity of your company. Additionally, you have a constant access to update the news, place SEO article allowing you to keep the wide audience of the Internet users to your company. Placement of complete list of products and services allows potential customers to decide quickly on order, and price-lists will help to get necessary in accordance with financial possibilities of every customer. Thus, your company will be associated with quality, wide possibilities and convenient terms of collaboration. Consequently, such business promotion will positively influence not only the first purchase but will also encourage repeat purchase.
6. Participation in all special actions and taking advantage of additional possibilities. UA-REGION business directory is a constantly developing structure. Our specialists pay attention to complex development of the portal. Therefore, all users of the VIP-Package Maximal Business Rating have the possibility to be the first users to take advantage of new services, to take part in the special actions and benefit from special offers.
7. As a bonus you will obtain the CD version of our electronic catalogue «The Enterprises of Ukraine. Full database». User-friendly interface, speed of processing and ranking data, a unique search system, printing, including envelopes, etc. — All three times it will reduce the time it normally takes to search for customers using standard tools of the marketer. In addition, with this CD and it will be convenient to work on a business trip (in the plane, train), and a trip (hotel, a foreign office), and recreation — all in any place where there may not be the Internet or access to it will be difficult.


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