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VIP Package

Raise your rating and increase your site traffic

VIP Package provides your business with the maximum business rating on our business directories. It is designed to meet the needs of a dynamically developing business that requires the fastest possible promotion on the Internet. The scale of the implemented measures in a short time will bring your company in the TOP search in all our business catalogs by key words describing your activity, and will help to place a leading position in the popular search engines.

Individual approach and the use of modern SEO technologies guarantee promotion of your business and the possibility of using numerous privileges that are not available to your competitors. If your goal is to promote the website and long-term preservation of leading positions use our ability to get the desired result.

Promotion of your business according to VIP plan guarantees a quick result in a short time.

Key benefits of the VIP package:

  • Maximum 5-star rating
  • First place in the search of the TOP business directories in Ukraine
  • The widest promotion of your business in Google
  • Electronic catalog of enterprises of Ukraine as a gift
  • Includes the benefits of the other proposed packages

The price is 9000 UAH per 1 year.

Detailed description of VIP package:

We offer: You receive:
1. Maximum business rating in all our Internet and CD business directories (5 stars):

Guaranteed TOP positions in our business directories search ny keywords that characterize your activity. Increase the visibility of the website in the Google search engine. This will increase traffic to your company's website and will attract new customers who are aware of your services.
2. Complete company profile on all websites of the Integrated Business Information System "All Enterprises of Ukraine".

Your individual profile will contain the essential data:
  • Contact information (factual and legal address, website, email, phone, fax, names of CEOs, managers)
  • Company position on interactive map of your city
  • Company logo, brand name, brand graphics
  • Video presentations describing the activity of your company
  • Description and images of your products, goods and services
  • Price lists
  • Various promotional materials
  • Specially selected keywords (tags), describing the activity of your company
A fully complete profile of your company will be accessible to all users of the Internet on the following business network resources:
The information presented in company profile is formed basing on a peculiar principle: on one hand, it doesn't overload a potential customer with information and on the other provides him with complex data about all company products and services.
3. Indexation of your company profile by popular search engines. The use of modern SEO technologies allows to find your company in search engines for any query containing keywords, one way or another, characterizing your business.
4. Assistance in top ranking of your company profile in Google search results.

The use of the most effective methods of website promotion in search engines allows for the planned time to reach leading positions. We will carry out qualitative work on:
  • selection and placement of keywords that characterize your business (up to 30 tags)
  • implementation of SEO-optimization and promotion of your company profile on all resources of UA-REGION business directory
  • placing internal links to your company profile (up to 100 links)
Achieving top ranking in most popular search engines guarantee high traffic to the website of your company and increases the interest of potential buyers and business partners.

Since all promotion activities are aimed directly at the target audience of your business, internal links will not only attract new customers. This, in turn, will serve as an additional advantage over competitors.
5. As a bonus you will get electronic catalogue The Enterprises of Ukraine. Full database. Convenient user interface and search system, possibility of printing, including envelopes, etc. All this allows to reduce the time usually spent searching for the customer using the standard tools of marketing. In addition, the program is convenient to work on a business trip (in plane, train, hotel, not your's office), and on vacation. In general anywhere where there may be no Internet or access to it will be difficult.


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