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Integration with CRM system Terrasoft

Terrasoft UA-REGION is an expert in the niche of forming databases of Ukrainian enterprises and offers the service of their integration into any CRM system, including the very popular Terasoft CRM. In the context of modern market long-term business success can provide many factors, and very important among them is a convenient and efficient system of interaction with customers, and as such a system The optimal solution will be a powerful tool from the company Terrasoft in combination with our company database of Ukrainian enterprises.

The database integration service in the CRM system Terasoft will be useful for those who wants to shorten the sales cycle, significantly increase the amount of cross-selling, to achieve the ideal in customer service issues in terms of responsiveness to requests that come from their part, have a positive impact on the effectiveness of marketing companies, minimize the time which goes to the company's employees to perform routine operations. Formed integration service databases of enterprises with a CRM system Terrasoft will automate business processes that positive impact on the status of your business.

The usefulness of Terrasoft's CRM system for your business depends on how complete and up-to-date there will be an integrated database of Ukrainian enterprises.

Our team has been working for many years in the field of forming databases of Ukrainian enterprises and it stands out from the competition with the ability to offer the most current and complete databases. In order to To achieve this, we have developed a unique algorithm that allows you to create a database using special software with all existing firms, including those that were registered on the day of the formation of the base. A lot of effort and make our experts who manually process the base formed by the program, bringing it to a perfect look - in the process of working with it all non-existing firms are deleted, all data are checked for accuracy. As a result, our customers receive a CRM-integrated database for Terrasoft, which includes a lot of data about the enterprises of Ukraine, including such as the company name, postal, actual and legal addresses, all existing contact details, the industry in which the company operates and many other.

Example database for Terrasoft CRM

If you need a database of enterprises throughout Ukraine, then the number of enterprises will be more than 330 thousand. We can also create and integrate into Terasoft СRM a database covering specific region or industry. The customer database is itself a valuable asset, and a CRM system allows use it to work with maximum efficiency. Customer base is consolidated, our customers receive complete information about their customers and their activities, and based on this information can build an effective interaction strategy. Single customer database formed by the company UA-REGION and Terrasoft integrated into the CRM system, and the full history of the relationship with them in combined with powerful analytical tools CRM allows you to retain and develop existing customers, identifying the most valuable as well as attracting new.

We provide our services on a professional level at competitive prices!

Formation of an up-to-date and complete database of Ukrainian enterprises and its integration into the CRM system Terrasoft is a difficult and time-consuming process, but despite this we try to offer these services at the best prices.


Cost of a database of Ukrainian enterprises for a CRM system Terrasoft8000 UAH.

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