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TerrasoftProviding high quality services in the field databases by enterprises of Ukraine and promotion business on the Internet, we work only with professionals. Given the urgent need for adequate CRM-system for the modern business, we offer the products of the Russian company «Terrasoft».

Years of hard work by establishing, implementing, upgrading their CRM-systems has allowed the company «Terrasoft» the contest «Best Project of the Year in Customer Relationship Management» CRM TOP AWARDs of winning the nomination «CRM system developed in Russia and CIS countries», and also win a special prize for his contribution to the development of industry solutions.

If you need a CRM-system, but you do not know what the developer to apply - we will do it for you. Having established a partnership with a company АйТі-Cфера (L'viv), which specializes in the implementation of Terrasoft Ukraine, we will help you to conclude the most lucrative contract, the outcome of which will work with the most competent professionals in the industry, as well as the introduction of CRM-system for the optimal structure and activities of your company.

Deployed on the platform for Terrasoft CRM-systems business portal UA-REGION offers the most current and complete database enterprises in Ukraine. We have developed an automated process of preparing and importing our database, through which is provided as a fast and efficient filling of the CRM-system necessary for the data (any marketing program without filling the database is meaningless).


Characteristics Database of Ukrainian enterprises for the CRM-system Terrasoft
1. The database is available in formats Assess, Excel, or in the form of already prepared for export to the CRM-system Terrasoft
2. The names and characteristics of the database fields for use in the CRM-system Terrasoft
  • Legal, actual name of the Company
  • Legal, actual, postal address of the enterprise (ZIP code in a separate box)
  • Phones enterprises: basic, additional telephones, fax, guide, accounting (code and telephone number are separate fields of the database)
  • E-mail addresses, Internet site
  • Chief, Chief Accountant
  • Products and services company on the branch Classification of Economic Activities in Ukraine
  • Brands Company
  • Other additional fields in t. h. number of employees, year of foundation, bank details, opening times and other.
3. Number of companies in the database: more than 120,000!


The cost of a database of Ukrainian enterprises for CRM-system Terrasoft8000 UAH.

Why CRM-system?

Terrasoft you need a CRM-system, if you want:

  • manage the work of sales staff and call center;
  • obtain reliable results on the basis of marketing research;
  • attract and retain new customers;
  • increase loyalty to the company (employees, contractors, customers);
  • see a complete picture of employment for all employees, get them to teamwork;
  • perform simple administration;
  • automate workflow (assign access rights to reduce bureaucratic costs, to destroy the information void);
  • be able to analyze the activities of both companies as a whole, and individual employees.

You need a CRM-system Terrasoft, if you need a full-featured software that allows you to embody the diverse ideas and change the configuration according to the needs of the customer, which not only uses advanced technology, but also supports popular databases such as Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, Firebird. Your employees will learn to work quickly in Terrasoft due to the large number of developed training materials. Get the hang of the system is easy because it does not destroys existing business processes and adapts to their structure: it enhances and corrects deficiencies. Following the introduction of Terrasoft you will see all aspects of the company, its strengths and weaknesses. So you can build a development strategy that will provide the best results without unnecessary radical transformation. Another advantage of products Terrasoft is the ability to adjust her for themselves, without involving programmers. Of course, this does not apply to deep-seated changes associated with the modification of code and configuration of complex solutions. But tune the system to work effectively your staff will be able to.

If you want to ensure that no business process in the company did not get to chance, you should pay close attention to Terrasoft CRM. This system not only controls the customer relationship, controlling sales, marketing, and regulates the interaction of all employees. Automation of workflow management, working time, tracking performance necessary to achieve positive results. Due to a systems analyst you get a reliable picture of your business and, in case of force majeure, be able to quickly and effectively respond to them.

The company «Terrasoft» offers you solutions for technology SaaS and Open Source. That is, you can order a system with a rigid configuration, which will be developed to meet your objectives and can only be changed by developers, and system with "open source", flexible and transparent.

Given the difference in the needs of small, medium and large businesses, as well as the specifics of the various activities, «Terrasoft» offers four configurations designed for a single platform. Thanks to the developers care to the needs of their customers, CRM-system Terrasoft can use as a trading company in the FMCG, and manufacturing businesses operating exclusively in the segment of B2B. Banks, insurance companies, large corporations legal, medical centers and others can benefit from the company's products to achieve their goals.

System with "open source" BPMonline CRM has a modern service-oriented architecture and can easily be changed if necessary, updates can be performed both directly and via the Internet. Employees will love that will not need to duplicate the same information - "smart" program if necessary to do it for them. Implementation does not require additional investments and takes minimal time. And there is no need to involve technical experts from outside.

Terrasoft Terrasoft Sales - this is a unique CRM-system for marketing, sales and call-centers. With this system, the entire sales cycle from a "cold call" to product delivery to the client is being tracked. All hitches and setbacks will be immediately visible. Customers, suppliers, partners, listed in your database will not be left without attention for your employees, because the scheduler simply will not allow them to forget about any meeting, or about one phone call. Direct marketing activities will be under complete your control, so that will increase customer loyalty to your company.

Another important decision of the company «Terrasoft» is a system CRM Mobile. This system makes it possible to organize with the help of remote workstations. Your sales managers, freelancers, accountants, or even for office professionals who do not have to constantly be under your control, be able to work outside the enterprise, and thus bring considerable profit. Reduced costs for maintenance jobs will not need to allocate additional equipment and conditions. They, in turn, does not have to waste time and money on travel. Thus, you can pay employees not to "man-hours" spent in the office, but for real results.

Business portal UA-REGION emphasizes the importance of CRM-systems for modern business. That is why we continuously improve our database, designed to meet the information needs of growing businesses. Marketing system for any company will operate efficiently only if there is reliable information. Any error that creeps into your database, may have serious problems in the future. It is therefore important to entrust the creation of marketing databases in the art. Portal UA-REGION gladly takes on the establishment and the import of electronic databases into your CRM-system.


Database of UA-REGION your CRM-system works!



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