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Technology for creating an information and promotional CD from the company «Kare»

Many companies having own information sets (commercial and industrial chambers, business centres, exhibition companies, etc.) meet certain difficulties in the course of creation of information compact discs. If the reference books compiling technologies (exhibition, regional or branch information catalogues) are mastered successfully enough, then creation of electronic versions is complicated for various reasons.

The information-publishing company «Kare» has been working at the information market of Ukraine for 10 years, accumulating a huge experience of creation of information retrieval systems (IRS).

In 2004 we have entered into the market the operative technology of creation of information-advertising CDs on the basis of data about the organisations under working name DST (DATA STREAM TECHNOLOGY).

A user, getting or purchasing a compact disk, produced by means of DST, gets a comfortable electronic database which can be used in everyday work. He can easily add own records, correct primary information, carry out electronic or postal distribution of own materials.

Thus, it appears possibility for exhibition companies to publish a compact disk for every exhibition and, at the end of the year, a generalized compact disk with the company exhibitions staged during the whole year.

For producers of regional or branch directories there is a possibility to publish disks operatively within the limits of orders, devoting prime time for addition and correction of the information as well as for attracting advertisers and placing their ads on CD practically in a real time mode.

Our technology was awarded the first prize on All-Ukrainian competition of the software manufacturers «SOFT REGATA 2002/2003», «SOFT REGATA 2003/2004», «SOFT REGATA 2004/2005».

Short description of the program

The described technology is bundled software of two parts: FRONT and BACK. BACK allows preparing information in a necessary for FRONT format. FRONT allows to implement different operations with the present information.

Part BACK is intended for preparation of data. Basic setting is converting information about enterprises from the DBF format into the format of the program FRONT.

FRONT – is a base shell of IRS. Part FRONT is intended for distribution with a compact disk.

The program allows implementing different operations with a database about the organisations in convenient form. The basic purpose of the program is a search of the necessary information.

The basic search is carried out by two qualifiers. These can be sectoral (the standard five-level all-Ukrainian qualifier CTEA is supplied) and regional qualifiers (the standard two-level qualifier of Ukraine to the level of districts and cities of regional submission is supplied), or any others. Qualifiers represent the treelike text structure consisting of levels and sublevels.

To start work with FRONT there is no necessity for installation of any additional modules. The program can be started directly from compact disk.

Program possibilities

The program allows implementing search in following criteria:

  • Search by qualifiers (region \ sector \ activity sectors...)
  • Search by the name
  • Search by the address
  • Search by a phone number or the comment to a phone number
  • Search by production and offered services with the use of regular expressions

Line-printing of envelopes and labels of any format on the basis of available data.

Sending of electronic messages and entrance on the companies websites is carried out directly from the program.

Possibility of editing and addition of records is realised. For this purpose on a hard disk is defined the special catalogue in which all changes made by the user are saved.

The IRS supports the multilingual interface (Russian, Ukrainian, English) and at a language choice it can load the corresponding information block.

Data storage format

Data about the organisations are stored in a form of the records, one record – one organisation. Record consists of the following fields:

  • The organisation identifier (at desire it is possible to use OKPO of the enterprise)
  • The name
  • The address
  • Phone numbers (each number can contain additionally the comment, for example, surname, patronymic name, first name of the contact person)
  • E-mail addresses (each address can contain the comment)
  • The website address
  • The information on production and offered services
  • The image of the organisation logo or the advertising block (Windows BMP format)
  • Additional information on the organisation (prices, advertising, images and the description of the enterprise production)

Export of data is implemented in HTML and CSV formats. For formation of the list of electronic addresses TXT format is used.


The CD prepared according to the described technology can be spread both with and without protection.

Two variants of protection are offered:

  • CD copy protection (developer VIA 4С)
  • Binding of the software to the user's computer (the user should receive a key to start a program on the specific computer)

System requirements

The program is destined for work on operational systems Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP.

Hardware requirements – the processor of Pentium type not lower that 300 MHz. RAM not lower than 64 Mb.


The price of the basic set DST (BACK + FRONT) is 2500 euros.


All CDs offered by the company Kare:

  • «The Enterprises of Ukraine. Regions»
  • «Enterprises of Ukraine. Products and services»
  • «Agricultural sector of Ukraine (22000 organisations)»
  • «Medical establishments of Ukraine (20000 organisations)»
  • «Dentistry sector of Ukraine (11000 organisations)»
  • «Exporters and importers of Ukraine (5000 organisations)»
  • «Enterprises and organisations of Lugansk region»
  • «Enterprises and organizations of the Lviv city»
  • «Container and packing»
  • «Business Kiev»

Director of IPC Kаrе
Alyoshin Alexander Anatolevich

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