Catalog of Ukrainian enterprises

SugarCRM. Ukrainian enterprises database for SugarCRM

SugarCRM A successful marketing campaign is based on an understanding of the need to build an open and competent customer relationship. An analysis of pricing policies, and monitoring activities of competitors, direct marketing possible without using a professional database that contains information not only about clients and partners, but also on competitors as well.

Databases, provided by the business portal UA-REGION are always made under conditions of a particular business, always contain complete, accurate and current information. Specializing in the creation of electronic directories of Ukrainian enterprises, we offer import our database into your chosen CRM-system. Assembled UA-REGION electronic catalog of Ukrainian companies will allow you to get started with CRM-system immediately after its introduction. By providing accurate and thoroughly reliable information, we save time and effort your staff. Our database - a complete solution that can easily be imported into any CRM-system.


Characteristics Database of Ukrainian enterprises for SugarCRM
1. The database is available in formats Assess, Excel, or in the form of already prepared for export to SugarCRM
2. The names and characteristics of the database fields for use in the CRM-system SugarCRM
  • Legal, actual name of the Company
  • Legal, actual, postal address of the enterprise (ZIP code in a separate box)
  • Phones enterprises: basic, additional telephones, fax, guide, accounting (code and telephone number are separate fields of the database)
  • E-mail addresses, Internet site
  • Chief, Chief Accountant
  • Products and services company on the branch Classification of Economic Activities in Ukraine
  • Brands Company
  • Other additional fields in t. h. number of employees, year of foundation, bank details, opening times and other.
3. Number of companies in the database: more than 120,000!


The cost of a database of Ukrainian enterprises for SugarCRM6000 UAH.

Web CRM — new tools to increase your sales

SugarCRM Based on the experience of interaction with foreign and local software developers, we offer one of the most popular systems with "open source" - SugarCRM.

Today, SugarCRM is the most ambitious project in the world (it is embedded in the enterprises in over 70 countries). More than 2,500 programmers and engineers involved in the daily upgrades and system enhancement SugarCRM.

Developed the PHP programming language, it comes under any operating system (Microsoft Windows, Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris) and does not require acquisition of additional technical equipment. Her openness provides vast opportunities of individual configurations, and therefore can bring substantial benefits to companies in any industry.

Functional features of the system are such that work in it need only have access to the Internet, and work comfortably even at a low speed connection. To date, most browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari) support SugarCRM. In addition, it easily integrates with many accounting, banking systems, software for call-centers, and so on. You also get the opportunity to hold the remote workstations to your staff and control their own business processes at any time of day and night.

A kind of "chip" SugarCRM is its flexibility. The original structure can be easily adapted to suit individual business needs. Your programmers or external developers can easily construct the necessary modules and features to fit the system so that your company has received the maximum benefit from the introduction.

SugarCRM optional install on your own service, which saves you from having to keep a staff of highly skilled and therefore highly paid specialists. Business portal UA-REGION offers a turnkey solution SugarCRM online. We will install the system on our servers located in data center, Ukraine's largest Internet service provider and take care of all related to updating versions and any additional settings.


SugarCRM SugarCRM has both commercial and free versions. It is understood that in the free version is charged only token annual fee for using the software. They are designed for a company with a staff of no more than 300 people. It is very convenient because there is no need to pay a license fee for each individual employed in the system.

Paid versions offer a great way to analyze the activities of large corporations, isolate risks, uncover possible problems that may be due not only to the individual employee or even a separate branch, but on a global non-compliance of existing business processes of strategic planning.

Besides offering paid versions of the development of an infinite number of additional modules with every possible configuration. SugarCRM perfectly fit into the usual operating mode of your business. In order to implement this system you will not have to work and retrain-established sales, marketing, call-centers, and so on. All versions of the system are available in Russian, and not only have the trial records, but everyday support online, allows you to quickly solve all the possible difficulties in operating the system.

To SugarCRM bring maximum return, you must import the professional database, which we can provide you. We not only prepare you for an electronic database that meets all your business needs, but also help to import it into your version SugarCRM.

Many years of cooperation with the developers and the experience of the implementation of CRM-systems in different companies has allowed us to automate the process of importing a database of Ukrainian enterprises in every possible CRM-system. Our plug-ins and modules allow you to easily update existing databases at any time to make them all the necessary changes.

completeness and relevance of the database from the UA-REGION can not beat any competitor in the information market of Ukraine.



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