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Integration with CRM system SugarCRM

SugarCRM As a leader in the formation of databases of Ukrainian enterprises, UA-REGION offers the service of their integration into all existing CRM systems, including SugarCRM. We can form a base enterprise data and provide it to our customers as an EXCEL file, but if you want to optimize work with clients and achieve high business efficiency, then integrating the base data in the planning and control of the sales process SugarCRM will be the best solution. Ordering this service from us, you will receive a general database in which information will be collected about you enterprises of Ukraine, with the ability to edit information about all types of interaction with them, such as calls, correspondence, transactions. All information about each company from the database will be grouped in the process of working with it, you can find the necessary company not only relying on Initially provided information about him, but also based on the history of working with him.

The indisputable advantage of the database of Ukrainian enterprises integrated into the SugarCRM system is that that it is easy to use and allows you to significantly increase the efficiency and speed of interaction with customer enterprises. For example, in a ready-made solution, your company's manager will be able to contribute to the system CRM information about interaction with representatives of enterprises from the database. This opens up the possibility if necessary, look at the sequence in which work was conducted with this enterprise, find out what need to do next. If an employee of your company goes on vacation, his colleague will be able to difficulties to continue working with the client. The history of work with enterprises from the base we formed data is structured and can be used to thoroughly analyze the work of employees, marketing campaigns, communication strategies and many other factors that affect the sale of goods or services. But it is also worth noting that the database integrated into SugarCRM will not be convenient only employees, but also the authorities - the head can create in the CRM interface a calendar with information about plan the entire team’s work, evaluate each employee’s workload, and add or reallocate tasks.

The database that we integrate into the CRM system SugarCRM offers a lot of information about enterprises and is extremely relevant.

We have extensive experience in the field of database formation, and thanks to this experience we developed a system operational collection of information on all existing enterprises of Ukraine, taking into account their field of activity and region. Our clients will receive a lot of data about the enterprises they are interested in - this is physical and legal name of the company, all contact details that are freely available, trade stamps, name of the manual. Separately, it is worth noting that a bunch of our database, which includes E-mail addresses of enterprises, with SugarCRM will be very useful for sending emails, so How does this CRM support the possibility of automated e-mailing.

Example database for SugarCRM

The database of Ukrainian enterprises will contain only relevant information, because our employees check all data obtained for accuracy.

Our services are able to satisfy the most demanding customers and at the same time are offered by competitive value!

Carrying out activities in the niche of forming databases of Ukrainian enterprises and integrating them into CRM systems on Over the years, we have managed to develop an approach that allows us to offer the highest level of service at the best prices. We form the most current and complete databases of Ukrainian enterprises and quickly integrate them into the CRM system, while we manage to cope with their work at competitive cost. Therefore, ordering this service from us, you do not have to worry about that for high quality and efficiency you will have to pay too much - we do not ask for the tasks assigned are more funds than competitors, while coping with the integration of the database Ukrainian enterprises with SugarCRM CRM system better than them.


Cost of a database of Ukrainian enterprises for a CRM system Terrasoft8000 UAH.

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