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Effective Package

A confident step on the way to promoting your business

The main feature of the Effective Package is systematic increase of your company recognition among the thousands of visitors of our business directories, and as a result the opportunity to obtain new potential customers for your business. The unique "price/quality" ratio makes this package a good choice for developing enterprises.

Main advantages of the Effective Package are:

  • 3-star business rating
  • Placement on the first search page inside our business directories
  • Company logo, photo, video, description and other information about your business
  • Keywords promotion inside our business directories
  • Improving the visibility of your company in the SERP

The price is 1290 UAH per 1 year

Detailed description of Effective Package:

We offer: You receive:
1. High business rating on UA-REGION business directory (3 stars):

When searching by keywords that characterize your company activity it will appear on the 1-2 page of the search results.
Accordingly, information about your products and services can be easily found by everyone interested in them.
2. Placement of your company's personal profile on business directory UA-REGION, POSHUK

Your personal profile will contain:
  • name and logo of your company
  • contact details (actual address, postal code, company website, phone numbers and full names of CEOs, managers)
  • map with exact coordinates of the actual business address
  • list and description of your products and services
  • photos of your products and services
  • specially selected keywords that characterize your company activities (tags)
Your company profile will be placed on the Ukrainian business directories the total daily attendance of which exceeds 50,000 unique visitors: UA-REGION.INFO, UA-REGION.COM, UA-REGION.COM.UA, POSHUK.COM.

Correctly organized information about your company available to users of our business directories will bring additional recognizability to your company and will also push potential customers to make decisions about cooperation more quickly. Precise contact information will allow them to contact you fastly in real time.
3. Assistance in strengthening your company's website ranking in Google search engine.

As part of this process, we offer a set of necessary measures to improve the ranking:
  • selection and placement of relevant keywords (up to 10 tags)
  • promotion of your company profile on the pages of UA-REGION business directory
Our specialists will professionally perform your company profile promotion inside our business directories using all the experience and the latest information technology.


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