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Effective Package: Integral approach for steady business advancement

Best choice for promotion and advancement of your business in the Internet

Effective Service Package is aimed at achievement of "golden mean" in buildup and promotion of business in the Internet. It contains a set methods compiled taking into account the specific character of business development in Ukraine and is aimed at rapid and quality websites promotion. Due to the systematic increase of popularity of your company, we will facilitate increase of its business-rating in the Internet, that will positively influence the dynamics of visit of your website and will ensure inflow of new clients.

Effective service package offers you not only to promote, but also, maintain attained positions for a long time.

What we offer is time-verified method ensuring not fragmentary, but integral approach to buildup and promotion of business in the Internet. At the same time, the unique combination of price and quality allows to consider it a good choice for developing companies.

Portal UA-REGION in the Effective Service Package offers realization of complex measures on advancement and promotion of your business in the Internet.

Our work is your result!

The cost of the proposal — 1290 UAH 1 year.

Detailed description package:

We offer: You obtain:
1. Placement of your company profile in all all our Internet and CD catalogues with high rating (3 stars):

It means that at a search on keywords characterizing your activity, your company will appear on 1 or 2 search results page. Accordingly, information about services provided by you will be easy to find to all Internet users interested in it. Effective service package facilitates getting into TOP-20 of the popular search engines searches and improves its visibility.
2. Placement of personal profile of your company on all sites included in the Integrated Business Information System "All Enterprises of Ukraine".

The individually made profile will contain the essential contact information:
  • name and logo of the company
  • contact details (actual address, zip code, URL of your company site, contact phones, name and surname of contact person)
  • map with your exact location coordinates
  • photos of products and services
  • list of provided services and products
  • specially chosen keywords characterizing activity of the company (tags)
Additional promotion of your company on the specialized websites the total visits amounting to over 25000 persons in a day. The profile of your company will be placed on the Ukrainian informaton business-portals UA-REGION.INFO, UA-REGION.COM, UA-REGION.COM.UA; trade mark POSHUK™ POSHUK.COM.

Contact details available to the users in many business directories will not only give additional popularity of the website but will shorten the time for decision on cooperation. And short and reliable contact information will allow to contact with you in real time.
3. Guaranteed indexation of your company profile by popular search engines. Indexation of your company profile is needed for search procedure. When it is applied at search on keywords characterizing activity of your company potential clients can easily find you in all popular search engines.
4. Help in consolidation of your company website in the search engines Google, Yandex, META.

Within the framework of this process we offer the complex of the most necessary means to increase yor website rating:
  • selection of keywords are maximally describing activity of your company (up to 20 tags)
  • SEO-advancement and promotion on UA-REGION
  • increase of amount of links to your profile on the internal pages of UA-REGION (up to 20 links)
Our specialists are qualified to perform SEO-optimization and site promotion of your company on the Internet, using all his experience and the latest information technology.
5. A wonderful tool for direct-marketing is an electronic catalogue in a CD version «Enterprises of Ukraine Reference Guide. Selected». «Enterprises of Ukraine Reference Guide. Selected» is embodiment of long-term work on creation of business e-catalogue containing actual and carefully checked for authenticity information only. Quality software, update possibility, intuitive interface, rapid search on numerous criteria — all this makes the e-catalogue from UA-REGION a powerful tool for the direct marketing.


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