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Economy Package

A great tool for winning better visibility on Internet

The Budget Package is a great start to the company in attracting new customers. The proposed package of services will ensure a confident promotion of the company which for some reasons gives a minimum budget for advertisement. The complex of implemented methods will not only strengthen the position of your business on our business directories but will also attract attention of the target audience and will help to find reliable business partners.

The main advantages of the Budget Package:

  • 2-star business rating
  • A great start of your business promotion
  • Placement of the logo and basic information about your business
  • Good position in the search on our business directories

The price is 990 UAH per 1 year.

Detailed description of Budget package:

We offer: You receive:
1. Placing your company profile on UA-REGION directory with business rating 2 stars:

This rating provides good positions of your company profile on the first pages of search results on our business directories.
2. Placement of your company's personal profile on business directory UA-REGION, POSHUK

Your personal profile will contain:
  • your company name and logo
  • exact contact information (actual address, postal code and URL of your company's website, phone numbers, full names of CEOs and managers)
  • map with exact coordinates of the actual business address
  • promotional materials
  • list of your products and services
The profile of your company will be placed on Ukrainian business directories the total attendance of which is more than 50,000 unique visitors per day: UA-REGION.INFO, UA-REGION.COM, UA-REGION.COM.UA, POSHUK.COM.

An individually compiled profile will display the most necessary business information allowing clients get an overview of your company's activities, make a preliminary conclusion about the need for future cooperation. Precise contact information, a list of products and services, promotional materials (created taking into account the keywords used by potential customers to search the Internet) will dramatically increase the number of unique visitors on the corporative website. This will positively affect the image and financial well-being of your business.
3. Help in strengthening your company's website ranking on Google

As part of this process, we offer a set of the most necessary measures to improve the ranking:
  • promotion of the company profile on the pages of UA-REGION business directory
Our specialists will professionally perform SEO-optimization and promotion of your company's profile on our business directories using all their experience and the latest Internet technologies.


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