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    Actual address:49051, Dnipropetrovsk, str. Vinokurova, 11
    Phones:(067) 4834592, (056) 7902010
    Fax:(056) 7904080
    International cargo, internal Ukrainian transport; Transport geography: Italy, Spain, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Austria, France, Hungary, Ukraine, Norway, Belarus, Russia, Czech Republic, Lithuania, Latvia, Greece, Afghanistan, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan,Подробнее
  • Actual address:94520, Luhanska obl., m. Krasnyy Luch, vul. Karla Marksa, 13
    Phones:(06432) 22448, (050) 4720098, (050) 4261812
    Fax:(06432) 22448
    A. Production degasification plants remote-50M (modified remote-50M-1, PDU-50M-2) for degassing of coal beds, rocks, produced space and forced ventilation deadlock workings in the mines in dangerous gas and dust. 2. Manufacture of pneumatic slaughter drainage pumps NPVM-1. 3. Export - import of miningПодробнее
  • Actual address:m. Zhytomyr, vul. Dovzhenko, 38, of. 9
    Phones:(0412) 430810, (067) 4115811, (067) 4116155
    Fax:(0412) 430810
    Services: Forwarding / Transportation of all types of goods by road between the countries of Europe, Asia, the Baltic States, CIS and Ukraine Our goal - to protect our customers from any problems related to the search of transport for delivery of goods, both in Ukraine and in the international traffic.Подробнее
  • Actual address:Kyivska obl., Vasylkivskyj r-n, Zdorivska silrada, vul. Genrikha Avervezera, bud. 1
    Phones:(044) 2390996, (067) 4447460, (044) 2390996
    A joint venture with the global logistics operator BLG logistics (, own well-developed logistics infrastructure, customs terminal in seconds. Kalinovka – area of 32 hectares on the route Odessa - E95, a fleet of delivery vehicles – 46 car, an office in Ilyichevsk and Odessa sea commercialПодробнее

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