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  • Actual address:03049, m. Kyiv, vul. Bogdanivska, 1, of. 1
    Phones:(044) 3039277, (044) 5862697, (044) 3590107
    Fax:(044) 3039255
    We offer the organization of cargo transportation: RAILWAY TRANSPORTATION - container railway transportation; - oversized railway transportation; - overload of cars; - tracking and dislocation of cargo. CARGO CAR TRANSPORTATION - small cargo transportation; - prefabricated cargo transportation; -Подробнее
  • Actual address:94520, Luhanska obl., m. Krasnyy Luch, vul. Karla Marksa, 13
    Phones:(06432) 22448, (050) 4720098, (050) 4261812
    Fax:(06432) 22448
    A. Production degasification plants remote-50M (modified remote-50M-1, PDU-50M-2) for degassing of coal beds, rocks, produced space and forced ventilation deadlock workings in the mines in dangerous gas and dust. 2. Manufacture of pneumatic slaughter drainage pumps NPVM-1. 3. Export - import of miningПодробнее
  • Actual address:18000, m. Cherkasy, vul. Gagarina, 39/1 of. 202
    Phones:(067) 5496958
    Fax:(0472) 328654
    The ”Dives Trans Group” offers professional high quality service in transportation and forwarding. Carrying any cargo from 1 to 35 tonnes in Ukraine, CIS and Europe. Provides transportation of cereals, oversized cargo, containers containers and cargo traffic Tilt. We will surprise you with quality service, speed of delivery and reasonable prices.
  • Actual address:Kyivska obl., Vasylkivskyj r-n, Zdorivska silrada, vul. Genrikha Avervezera, bud. 1
    Phones:(044) 2390996, (067) 4447460, (044) 2390996
    A joint venture with the global logistics operator BLG logistics (, own well-developed logistics infrastructure, customs terminal in seconds. Kalinovka – area of 32 hectares on the route Odessa - E95, a fleet of delivery vehicles – 46 car, an office in Ilyichevsk and Odessa sea commercialПодробнее

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