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  • Actual address:80051, Lvivska obl., Sokalskyj r-n, s. Ostriv, vul. Chervonogradska, 37
    Phones:(050) 4645519, (067) 3044850
    - Lighters Bic: Pocket and multi-functional household, electronic, turbo. - Office Bic: pencils, chalk color, ballpoint pens, proofreaders, markers, markers, proofreaders, rubber bands - BIC shaving blade, BIC shaving sets sets - Goods for beauty salons: ear wreath sticks, cotton wool discs, wet wipes,Подробнее
  • Actual address:79000, m. Lviv, prosp. Chervonoi Kalyny, 62a
    Phones:(032) 2448912, (067) 3705774
    Fax:(032) 2448912
    - Wholesale and retail cleaning products for the repair and maintenance of industrial equipment (with and without food tolerances) and factory lines: anaerobic adhesives group (threaded sleeve and shaft fixing, sealing pipe threads, etc.); - Silicone adhesives glue; - Cyanoacrylate, acrylic and UVПодробнее

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