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  • Actual address:79024, m. Lviv, vul. Promyslova, 50/52
    Phones:(032) 2435444, (067) 8135049
    COMPANY ”FROM AND TO ME” is a reliable partner for its clients, providing them with high-quality services in the field of printing, advertising, design and creative solutions.     SERVICES IN THE FIELD OF POLYGRAPHY: • Offset printing • digital printing • Large-format printing •Подробнее
  • Actual address:79035, m. Lviv, vul. Zelena, 162
    Phones:(032) 2442141, (067) 7470765
    Product: - business cards - cards - Letterhead - booklets - Brochures, catalogs - annual report - calendar - Vidkrytky invitation - Posters, posters - folder - envelopes - Labels and stickers - notebooks - Kraft bags, paper bags, printing on packages - CD and DVD printing - Boxes and Packaging - flyer - silkscreen services: - lamination - cutting


    Actual address:03057, м. Київ, вул. Довженка, 3
    Phones:(044) 3644009, (067) 4691121
    Fax:(044) 3644009 ,
    Printing services, printing magazines: magazines, A4 magazines 220h270, booklets, booklets A4 in the ”Euro” (2 fold), booklets, A3, A4 booklets 800h300 in A4 booklet 450h210 in A5, banners of different formats, printing of brochures, folders, chips : Zhabko board, plastic card holder, advertisingПодробнее
  • Actual address:61105, m. Kharkіv, vul. Morozova, 20
    Phones:(057) 7164669, (099) 6666363
    Fax:(057) 7164669
    Decorated glass containers (bottles, cups, mugs, glasses, ashtrays) Chemical frosting (hot pressing) Screen printing on glass Powder for chemical Glasses Dafrost Bottles for anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, etc. Your picture (landscape design) on bottles
  • Actual address:21100, m. Vinnytsya, vul. 600-richchya, 25
    Phones:(0432) 465117
    Printing services, magazine printing: A4 magazines, journals 220h270, booklets leaflets A4 (2 fold), A3, A4 booklets, leaflets in A4 800h300, 450h210 in A5 booklet, posters of different sizes, printing of brochures, folders chips: Zhabko desktop, printing of catalogs and brochures - a unique technologyПодробнее
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