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  • Actual address:79024, m. Lviv, vul. Promyslova, 50/52
    Phones:(032) 2435444, (067) 8135049, (098) 5844314
    COMPANY ”FROM AND TO ME” is a reliable partner for its clients, providing them with high-quality services in the field of printing, advertising, design and creative solutions.     SERVICES IN THE FIELD OF POLYGRAPHY: • Offset printing • digital printing • Large-format printing •Подробнее
  • Actual address:79035, m. Lviv, vul. Zelena, 162
    Phones:(032) 2442141, (067) 7470765
    Product: - business cards - cards - Letterhead - booklets - Brochures, catalogs - annual report - calendar - Vidkrytky invitation - Posters, posters - folder - envelopes - Labels and stickers - notebooks - Kraft bags, paper bags, printing on packages - CD and DVD printing - Boxes and Packaging - flyer - silkscreen services: - lamination - cutting


    Actual address:03057, m. Kiiv, vul. Dovzhenka, 3
    Phones:(044) 3644009, (067) 4691121
    Fax:(044) 3644009 ,
    Printing services, printing magazines: magazines, A4 magazines 220h270, booklets, booklets A4 in the ”Euro” (2 fold), booklets, A3, A4 booklets 800h300 in A4 booklet 450h210 in A5, banners of different formats, printing of brochures, folders, chips : Zhabko board, plastic card holder, advertisingПодробнее
  • Actual address:21100, m. Vinnytsya, vul. 600-richchya, 25
    Phones:(0432) 465117
    Printing services, magazine printing: A4 magazines, journals 220h270, booklets leaflets A4 (2 fold), A3, A4 booklets, leaflets in A4 800h300, 450h210 in A5 booklet, posters of different sizes, printing of brochures, folders chips: Zhabko desktop, printing of catalogs and brochures - a unique technologyПодробнее

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