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  • Actual address:79026, m. Lviv, vul. Chmoly, 2
    Phones:(032) 2384040
    Flexo in all kinds of roll materials and proffesiyna prepress, design development, construction blocks. Making bags from polypropylene and polyethylene packaging, labels, business cards! Offset printing, flexoprinting!


    Actual address:65005, m. Odesa, vul. Krasnova, 6
    Phones:(067) 4854335
    Automatic doors Astore Automatic direct door, automatic telescopic doors, automatic corner door, automatic curved door, automatic semicircular and round doors, automatic rotating (revolving) door, special automatic doors. Specialized profile system for making automatic doors. Sensors, photocells, fotobar’yery and other components for the production of automatic door designs.

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