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  • Actual address:79071, m. Lviv, vul. Shchyretska, 16
    Phones:(067) 3220150, (095) 2200585, (032) 2471478
    Fax:(032) 2951083
    Electrical equipment 1000V:  - devices factor correction (compensation reactive) power, automatic condenser unit (ACU) 0.23; 0.4; 0.44; 0.53; 0.69 kV (Automatic condenser installations).  - frequency (frequency converter);  - cable-switching series GRP, VRP76, VRP78;  - devices distributive seriesПодробнее


    Actual address:61183, m. Kharkiv, vul. Druzhbi Narodiv, 243, k. 47
    Phones:(057) 7518029
    Fax:(057) 7518029
    Induction heaters, laser tsentrovschiki, booth input control bearings, balancing equipment, pyrometers, vibrometer, vybroanalizatory, data collector CSI, thermal imagers, balancing machines, analyzers oils, stationary monitoring systems, Magnetic flaw detection, capillary control
  • Actual address:50036, Dnipropetrovska obl., m. Kryvyj Rig, vul. Bykova, 12, of.51
    Phones:(056) 4047800, (067) 5690910
    Fax:(056) 4047800
    geared motors, shafts, turbomufty, clutch, centralized lubrication systems, gearboxes, frequency inverters, soft starters, hydraulic cylinders, pumps, motors, hydraulic motors, pressure reduction valves, filters, instrumentation, servo valves, timers, electronic relays, starters, contactors , room thermostats.

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