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  • Actual address:49000, m. Dnipro, vul. Mandrikovska, 276, of.3
    Phones:(067) 6220819
    Your company has a service transport, which is actively used by employees, and operating costs for transport takes a significant part of your budget? Want to learn about the already existing modern addressing reduce these costs? Is why there are ”extra” expenses? Do you pay today for what: TransportationПодробнее
  • Actual address:18002, m. Cherkasi, vul. Smilianska, 2, of. 3
    Phones:(044) 5879811, (067) 4412133
    The company provides a full range of services, from the introduction of systems to control and monitor the development and implementation of individual solutions with high-precision sensors and GPS terminals that provide a complete and accurate information about the state of vehicles and cargo. AlsoПодробнее

    Monitoring PLUS, LLC

    Registered address:Odessa,. Novoselskogo 38
    Phones:(067) 6358972, (067) 6351413, (048) 7283816, (0482) 370602(3)
    Fax:(048) 7288090
    Ltd. ”CIM Plus” has existed since 2006 Since its inception, our company has diversified activities, including professional services, to foreign economic activity (FEA). Provision of freight forwarding services and customs clearance of goods at different customs regimes. We provide the movement ofПодробнее
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