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  • Actual address:04212, m. Kyiv, vul. Gajdaj, 6a
    Phones:(044) 5009673, (044) 3324133, (044) 3324133
    Fax:(044) 4135213
    Production of metal sheet metal (galvanized steel or polyester) flows, visors, galvanized gutters, parepety and caps on the fence, nakrylki, skate, flagon, snegobarery, flashings, accessories to the roof, additional elements to the siding, umbrellas, chimney cap, air ducts. Sizes and designs of the customer.
  • Registered address:49000, m. Dnipro, vul. Khmelnitskogo, 23, k. 28
    Phones:(067) 5237890, (063) 3365329
    * Carry out technical supervision of construction? * Construction, reconstruction and repair of buildings and structures? * Internal and external finishing and decorative work? * Repair and manufacture of all types of roofs? * Upstairs work? * Installation of internal and external engineering lines andПодробнее
  • Actual address:23222, Vinnitska obl., Vinnitskii r-n, s. Yakushintsi, shose Khmelnitske, 1 km.
    Phones:(0432) 552050, (0432) 552052, (0432) 552051
    Fax:(0432) 552050
    Dry mix - adhesive wool, plasterboard, tiles and Gazoblok, foam. Decorative plaster. Cement is ready and dry. Screed, self-leveling floors. Waterproofing. Sealers starting and finishing. Roofing materials (corrugated board, metal, shingles). Mineral wool. Styrofoam. Paints and varnishes. Siding. GatesПодробнее

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