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    Actual address:65039, Gagarin Avenue, 23/5, c. Odessa
    Phones:(0482) 343064, (067) 6540772
    Fax:(0482) 343064 ,
    Metal products, construction materials and sanitary engineering goods in specialized stores. Abrasive and diamond grinding wheels, abrasive cloth, with Velcro circles, bearing discs, sandpaper, trowel, sponge abrasive, abrasive mesh, levels and rules, cutting and grinding wheels. Discs for granite, cheripitsy,Подробнее
  • Registered address:12500, Zhitomirska obl., Korostishivskii r-n, m. Korostishiv, vul. Rizdviana, 90
    Phones:(067) 5045740, (099) 7217712
    1. Trade equipment for processing and extraction of stone, granite and marble (milling, Fringe, polishing machines). Materials for kamneobrobky (alamazni segments for dust, diamond rope, dust shell, diamond blades, saws and framing segmented polishing tool). 2. Large tires for special famous brands (Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone and others) in the state of new, refurbished or used.

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