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  • Actual address:64602, Kharkivska obl., m. Lozova, vul. Zhovtneva, bud. 2, of. 10
    Phones:(050) 8798777, (057) 4525780
    Fax:(057) 4525780 ,
    Chemicals TM METAFLUX and PORTA: - Cleaners surfaces - Degreasing and washing off - Corrosion protection - For food businesses - Lubricants - Technical Sprays - Lcl - Adhesives & Sealants - Products for welding - Specialty Products - Hygiene in production - Cleaning of stainless steels - Services for cleaning heat exchangers
  • Registered address:49000, m. Dnipro, vul. Komsomolska, 52a, k. 86
    Phones:(0562) 342116
    Limited Liability Company ”Alkemiya” is the official representative of the Italian company ”Alchemia Srl” in Ukraine. Our product range is a group of specialized tools: ?? Widest range of industrial chemicals for use in all industries: machine building, metallurgy, nonferrous metallurgy,Подробнее
  • Registered address:03126, m. Kii?v, prosp. Vozz’ednannya, 21, korp. A
    Phones:(044) 3619459, (044) 3619458,
    LLC ”Universal Protective Coatings” - a dynamic company specializing in the development and production of specialty polyurethane materials for construction and industrial applications. Our company provides innovative products under the brand name VMX for various waterproofing work, protection andПодробнее


    Actual address:61000, m. Kharkiv, pl. Buhrymovoi, 3, of. 5
    Phones:(057) 7813861, (067) 5434637, (050) 4090229
    Fax:(093) 4467180
    Heat insulation facades, pipelines, the roof, floors, balconies, cherdakov, podvalov with assistance unyversalnoy zhydkoy Heat insulation. Ready-UTYS the material ”Keramoterm”

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