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We offer a wide range of finishing materials, which are presented at EVERYTHING FOR THE FACADE - facade plaster; - glue for a facade; - facade dowels; - accessories for a facade; - imitation of natural textures. WATERPROOFING - mastic and primer; - foam and sealants; - roofing material. FOAM - extruder; - polyfoam M 25; - polyfoam M 35. COTTON - More details
Products, services
Adhesive for mineral wool, drywall, tiles and aerated blocks, polystyrene. Decorative plaster. Putty. Floor mixes. Waterproofing. Starting and finishing putty. Roofing materials (corrugated board, metal tiles, bituminous tiles). Mineral wool. Styrofoam. Decoration Materials. Wood and plastic products. Construction tool.
Products, services
Manufacturing modular buildings (cabins, trailers, warehouses, kiosks, trade pavilions of roadblocks, cottages). Homes for frame technology. Building pools, pavilions of timber. Shipping.
Products, services
Bud Market LEX - everything for the repair and construction! We offer construction and decoration materials at low prices! Loyalty program - funded discount card! Special offer for builders and buyers - wholesale price! Irpin, Leningradskaya str, 3-A e-mail: тел. 066-180-35-30, 067-255-84-10
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