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Wholesale sales of low-voltage and high-voltage electrical and lighting equipment: - cables and wires, SIP and fittings for it; - circuit breakers, switches differential current protective devices off; - automatic power vymymkachi, knife switches, contactors and starters; - lighting - fluorescent, scanning, waterproof, floodlights, street lights; - energy saving lamps, incandescent, fluorescent, More details
Products, services
The company produces and delivers the following high and low voltage electrical control equipment: Transformers: Oil TM Power dry series TSZHL, Power dry TSZN series. Transformer: KTPM-25...250/10 (6) / 0.4 U1 (mast) KTP-25...250/10 (6) / 0.4 U1 (pole) KTP-1-25...630/10 (6) / 0.4 U1 (shortened kioskovoho type) KTP-2-25...630/10 (6) / 0.4 U1 (checkpoints kioskovoho type) KTPHS-100...1000/10 More details
Products, services
The company ”SV-Progress” offers a warehouse in Kharkov and the order in the shortest lines:    - LED (LED) products (lamps, luminaires, spotlights, strips and power supplies to them). For outdoor, residential, commercial lighting.  - Low Voltage Equipment - Circuit Breakers (Auto off). Kursk Electrical Equipment Plant (KEAZ), Ulyanovsk plant ”Contactor”, SE HZMZ Kharkov new and More details
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