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Integration with OneBox CRM system

CRM-система OneBox For many years, UA-REGION has been offering the company database formation service. Of Ukraine. We are ready to provide the EXCEL database, which was created for your needs, but how Our clients typically ask us to integrate it into one of the popular CRM systems, which does not cause no difficulties as it is one of our main services. We are ready to integrate the database Ukrainian enterprises in the most different CRM systems, and one of the most popular today is onebox CRM.

The introduction of this system in the company is able to automate business processes, completely relieve the work team and the boss from routine tasks and free up time which is useful to perform more important tasks, which in turn will have a positive impact on business development. Integration of the database created by us into the submitted CRM system will allow to control the process call and call back from customers from the database, remind sales managers of customers from database, to make independent telephone calls to customers by numbers of these enterprises, which will naturally be present in the database formed by us. OneBox CRM will be an indispensable tool for email marketing. Data is integrated into CRM with all corporate mailboxes from the database data, and the system itself OneBox lays out all the letters on the contact cards.

Thus, you will receive a database of companies with current e-mails, which allows you to see the entire history of correspondence with the client, which will allow to carry out extremely efficiently marketing mailings, find any necessary letter in a few minutes, quickly solve complex situations that sometimes arise when working with enterprises. You can also carry out mass sending SMS messages by numbers from the database we have created - in OneBox you can create a schedule mailings and fully automate the process of sending messages. At the end of a certain period You will receive a report, which will indicate how many enterprises have called back, having received message. In general, the base of Ukrainian enterprises that we have formed and integrated into OneBox CRM brings comfort and efficiency of work with clients to a new level, as it allows to divide by groups all enterprises, after which it will automatically collect regular customers of your services, active partners and contractors, contacts for cold dialing, enterprises that refused cooperation or offered to contact in another period of time. Integration will allow you to plan various marketing activities for each segment.

OneBox CRM system is the ideal solution to increase business efficiency and improve it. profitability, but its effectiveness depends solely on what database was in it integrated.

The most complete and up-to-date databases of Ukrainian enterprises can only be generated by a company. UA-REGION - today we are the leader in this field of activity because thanks to a lot of experience learned how to form a database that can be called ideal. Firstly It should be noted that the database created by us will include all existing enterprises, and all data about them will be completely reliable. In the process of forming a database both our experienced specialists who verify all data for authenticity and software that analyzes existing enterprises through our developed algorithms.

Example database for OneBox CRM

Also note that when forming a database that will be integrated into OneBox CRM, we collect a very large amount of information about enterprises - this is their full name, numbers phone numbers, email address, type of activity and a number of other information that will be very useful in finding new customers and working with them.

Competitive prices for services are one of our significant advantages.

UA-REGION company filigree copes with the service of forming a database of Ukrainian enterprises and its integration into OneBox CRM, but we do not overestimate the price of services. Competitive pricing policy, combined with a professional approach to the implementation of the assigned tasks, have caused that a huge number of both small and very large companies are already using our services.


Cost of a database of Ukrainian enterprises for a CRM system OneBox8000 UAH.

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