Catalog of Ukrainian enterprises

OneBox CRM is a universal tool for successful business

We offer the most comprehensive data base of Ukrainian enterprises that can be imported into OneBox CRM-system.

OneBox CRM Contacts of data base are quickly loaded into the CRM and are distributed into handy working groups. You can quickly filter on the desired feature all the contact data and choose exactly needed audience for marketing campaigns that will yield the greatest results.

For high quality services we work hard and constantly strive to reach the best results. Our work is based on high demands what we claim also on our partners. When we have to suggest a CRM, we recommend only the best system. If the client's needs require something more than just CRM, we advise you to consider OneBox CRM. This cloud-based CRM system contains also ERP and BPM options. It effectively solves the internal and external business tasks.


Characteristics of Ukrainian enterprises database for a Onebox CRM
1. The database comes in Excel, Assess
2. Database fields used in Onebox CRM are
  • Legal and actual company name
  • Legal address, street address, postal address of the company (the postcode in a separate field)
  • Companies contacts: main and additional phone numbers, Fax, contacts of administartion and accounting department (the code and phone number are in separate DB fields)
  • Email, official web-site
  • CEO and chief accountant names
  • Products and services of the enterprise according to Classifier of economic activity (CEA) of Ukraine
  • Enterprises brands
  • Additional information as number of employees, year of foundation, bank details, working hours etc.

3. The number of enterprises in the database is more than 330000!


The price of Ukrainian enterprises database for OneBox CRM is — 6000 UAH

OneBox CRM Software

OneBox CRM The purchase of OneBox CRM provides a tool for

  • Automation of routine processes like writing letters and documents, making calls and audits;
  • The control of personnel access automation to calendars, key perfomance indicator counting, the assignment of access rights;
  • Obtaining accurate statistics about the effectiveness of separate employees, entire departments or advertising channels;
  • Improving customer service and increase customer loyalty. Automated processing of orders, access to personal online account;
  • Effectively manage groups of contacts: targeted advertising, mass mailings, miscellaneous price levels and discounts.


The partnership of the UA-REGION and Onebox CRM is your successful CRM strategy!



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