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    DANA K., TOV

    Actual address:79007, m. Lviv, prosp. Svobody, 41
    Phones:(032) 2255897, (032) 2421551, (032) 2421204
    Fax:(032) 2616600 ,
    Date correction:2017-10-17
    Promotional tour ”Crossing the mountains”: Poland - Slovakia - Transcarpathia - Carpathians Ustriki Dolni, Szczyrk Zakopane, High Tatras (Zhdiarb Tatranska Lomnica, Shtrebske plyos, Smokovec) Low Tatras (Clear) Zhdeniyevo, Slavsko. Summer Holidays Greece, Montenegro, Croatia, Albania, Bulgaria,Подробнее
  • Actual address:49018, Dnipro, lane Parusnyy 8, 105
    Phones:(098) 1153501, (056) 7850557
    Date correction:2017-10-17
    - Spare parts for metalworking machines (turning, milling, drilling, etc.) - Revolver heads УГ9326, УГ9321, УГ8 and spare parts to them (planetary reducer УГ9326, УГ9321, knot of half couplings, etc.) - Electromagnetic couplings ЭТМ, ЭМ and spark plugs ЭМЩ-2А (contact, noncontact,Подробнее


    Actual address:79007, m. Lviv, prosp. Svobody, 45
    Phones:(032) 2259000, (032) 2259010, (032) 2259009, (032) 2259010
    Fax:(032) 2259001
    Date correction:2017-10-17
    PANORAMA - a modern hotel in the heart of the city, where everything immerses you in the atmosphere of the medieval city, where the love thought every little thing and where you can feel at home. The hotel ”PANORAMA” was created to bring joy and comfort each of our guests. Kindness and hospitalityПодробнее
  • Registered address:
    Phones:(+38067) 5788814, (+38067) 5788816, (+38050) 4954025, (+38056) 3751424
    Fax:(+38050) 4954026
    Date correction:2017-10-17
  • Actual address:49027, ul. Ivan Akinfiev 30, Dnipro
    Phones:(056) 3774308, (067) 6221382, (050) 4398937
    Date correction:2017-10-16
    Hotel ”Sunrise” - one of the largest and most beautiful hotels in the city of Dnipro. Catering calculated on 236 places located on 7 floors. Rooms ”DAWN” hotel are divided into categories: APARTMENTS LUXURY JUNIOR COMFORT STANDARD ECONOMY Perfectly recognizable building ofПодробнее