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  • Actual address:79015m. Lviv, vul. Geroiv UPA, 72
    Phones:(093) 1076307
    1. Line support; 2. Reception orders; 3. Different types of surveys and research, telephone outgoing calls; 4. Support Hotline promotions; 5. Phone sales for manufacturers, retailers and consumers of the goods; 6. Checking the relevance of existing customer data; 7. SMS-delivery; 8. Transferring data from paper forms into electronic media.


    Actual address:04080Kyiv, st. Kirillovskaya, house 40
    Phones:(063) 7055575
    OUTSOURCING CONTACT CENTER «FIRSTCALL» This is a modern outsourcing company created by professionals in the field of information and communication services. The company renders services in the field of promotion of goods and services using modern electronic communication technologies. Our clientsПодробнее

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