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  • Actual address:81500Lvivska obl., Gorodotskyj r-n, m. Gorodok, vul. Lvivska, 659a
    Phones:(097) 7202666, (032) 2951094
    Fax:(032) 2951094 ,
    1) Accreditation, pereakredytatsiya, changes in the registration card of the trade community in customs; 2) Declaration and customs clearance of goods depending on the customs regime; 3) customs duties and preparation of full documentation for submission to the customs authorities for customs clearance; 4)Подробнее


    Actual address:81500Lvivska obl., m. Horodok, vul. Lvivska, 659a
    Phones:(096) 7732939, (099) 0294719
    Customs clearance of goods and cars. Services of the customs broker: - consultations in the field of foreign economic activity (contracts, shipping documents); - accreditation at customs and in other inspections (phytosanitary, veterinary, SES, ecological); - conducting all forms of control beforeПодробнее
  • Actual address:79005m. Lviv, vul. Franka, 23, of. 41
    Phones:(032) 2256455, (067) 3748676
    Consulting company ”A & T Consulting” offers to your attention a wide range of services: 1. Accounting - Organization and maintenance of accounting and tax accounting; - Optimization of document circulation of enterprises; - Restoration of accounting; - Introduction of accounting automationПодробнее

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