Catalog of Ukrainian enterprises

Video replication in Ukraine

  • Actual address:01001m. Kiiv, vul. Mikhailivska, 24v, of. 41
    Phones:(096) 1711010, (067) 4072030, (096) 1721010
    Manufacturing TeleVideoKino products. All kinds of shooting. Advertising in all media. Advertisement on regional channels of the CIS. Production of music videos. Accommodation TeleVideoKinoproduktsii on regional channels of Ukraine.
  • Actual address:02100m. Kyiv, b-r Verkhovnoi Rady, 14b, of. 88
    Phones:(044) 2332172, (044) 5011354
    Fax:(044) 5011354
    Duplication CD, DVD, mini-CD/DVD, DVD DL, Blu-ray discs. Putting images on CDs, print titles. Packing drive Slim, Jewel, Mini, DVD. Printing inserts. Tselofanuvannya. Minimum order - 10 discs.

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