Activities hospital in Ukraine

  • Actual address:79058m. Lviv, vul. Kulisha, 25
    Phones:(032) 2611597, (032) 2367232, (067) 8481668
    - Ultrasound of all organs and systems, pregnant women all terms, children and infants. - Consultation of gynecologist, all kinds of outpatient services.
  • Actual address:82391Lvivska obl., m. Boryslav, smt. Skhidnytsya, vul. Franka, 19
    Phones:(067) 2992337
    ► ACCOMMODATION ◄ - ONE-ROOM. The rooms of this type can accommodate one to three persons. Between themselves, they differ only in the number of beds. Each room has a TV, wardrobe for personal belongings, twin beds, bedside tables. For the convenience of tourists provides several bathrooms andПодробнее
  • Actual address:32300Khmelnytska obl., m. Kamyanets-Podilskyj, vul. Dragomanova, 14a
    Phones:(03849) 31098, (098) 8126348, (03849) 39969
    Multidisciplinary clinic with modern accredited diagnostic laboratory. Treatment and diagnosis of diseases. Konsultatsiya doctors. Fitoteraiya. Hirudotherapy. In our center conducted following diagnostics: - Bioresonance research - Colposcopy - Laboratory studies - Ultrasound - Cystoscopy WeПодробнее
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