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We offer you our aircraft with the following capabilities: - loading from the rear ramp; - short takeoff and landing (STOL); - discharge of cargo from the air; - flights at remote airfields; - non-standard and dangerous goods; - medical evacuation / evacuation of the wounded; - transportation of vehicles (boats, cars); - landing on ground runways; - combined transportation of passengers and cargo (An-26-100, An-28); - delivery of fuel in bulk (BATT system).
Products, services
- Equipment for emergency restoration and straightening equipment. - The largest selection of pit and Jacks. - High-quality equipment for lubrication. - Universal coverage for the dump and loading equipment. - Your partner in the field of mobile and stationary lifting platforms. - Equipment for the repair of brake systems. - Equipment for comprehensive diagnosis.
Products, services
Our company provides flexible UAV solutions for military and civil use, including UAV airframes, gyro-stabilized gimbals with EO and IR sensors, tactical multirotor drones, ground control stations and supportive equipment. Featuring latest technologies and progressive engineering we offer high quality products for affordable prices.
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Products, services
Operation of air transport infrastructure

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