Retail trade in bakery and sugar confectionery

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Суміші для хлібопекарної та кондитерської промисловості: - Суміші для хліба КОРНЕКС - Хлібопекарські покращувачі ФАЙНЕКС - Суміші для кексів і бісквітів БЕЙКМІКС - Суміші для виробництва пряників - Термостабільні начинки More details
  • 77300, Ivano-Frankivska obl., m. Kalush, vul. Pidvalna, 12
  • +38 (095) 5668646
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The company manufactures and distributes confectionery. All products of private enterprise ”Day-Dream” produced under the brand names ”PTA-side” and ”Funny Kruasanchyky” from natural high-quality and environmentally friendly raw materials GMO. The company is constantly introducing new advanced technology, improved formulation, improved quality control, new products, providing a high reputation in the consumer.
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The company ”Industrial Logistics” provides a full range of services with non-hazardous waste. The wide experience of work, and professional collective, allows to become the reliable partner in sphere of the reference with a waste. ”Industrial Logistics” renders the following types of services in the field of waste management in Odessa and Ukraine: Waste recycling Worn tires and More details
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Customers include - wholesale and retail trade enterprises, local and national networks, namely ”Bimarket”, ”MegaMarket”, ”land”, ”Perekrёstok”, ”Novus”, ”Cocktail”, ”Bill”, ”grow”, ”Eco Market”, ”PakkoHoldynh», «SPAR», «Evrotek”, ”Mars», «VIRTUS», «CLASS”, ”Kopeyka” ”AMSTOR”, ”Taurus-B”, ”Absolute”. The team of our company - are More details
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Продукція: Какао і шоколадні вироби / Хліб, хлібобулочні і кондитерські вироби, торти. Assorted chocolates - these exclusive sets are original card company. Each set contains several types of chocolates of different shapes and flavor characteristics. A perfect gift or addition to it. Packaged candy - in fact, the same type of More details
  • 04111, м. Київ, Шевченківський р-н., ВУЛИЦЯ САЛЮТНА, б. 1, ГУРТОЖИТОК
  • +38 (096) 4530072

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