Retail sale of fish, crustaceans and molluscs in specialized stores

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Ltd. ”Abava food” importer of canned fish from the Baltic manufacturing plant ”Sayva” ”Saiva” offers kurypnym and small wholesale canned fish. Product quality is guaranteed. 100% return of overdue products, our delivery on the territory of Ukraine. Ready to listen to any suggestions. We would be happy to any cooperation. Telephone mob. 0634531733, mob. 0672561492 Ruslan Petrovich.
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Sale of organic ecologically pure udobrenyya byoaktyvov. Yzhotovlennoho putem termycheskoy byofermentatsyy based on prudovoho Curino sludge and dung. Retail in convenient and packaging kachestvennoy Volume 5, 10, 20,50 liter. And Also Rynek sale udobrenyya. Products sertyfytsyrovana shvejtsarsky body IMO Control, and takzhe Orhanyk Standard pozvoljajut Require ”byoaktyvov” in of organic production.
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The terminal offers customers the opportunity to customs, as well as ordinary storage of frozen products: Storage capacity: up to 12 tons Storage Temperature: -18 oC to -26 oC. Equipment: «Bitzer», «Guntner». The power supply system: redundant power and power Technology: heated floors, high precision temperature control, combined with modern measuring technique avoids changes in the weight More details
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