Construction of railways and subways

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- Construction of supporting and enclosing structures of buildings and structures. - Execution of dewatering and drainage device. - Construction of subways. - Construction of metal, concrete and reinforced concrete structures housing, administrative, public and industrial buildings. - Construction engineering and hydraulic structures. - Works on the construction of external engineering networks More details
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Insulation of buildings in Dnepropetrovsk. The company has a formal license to use the trade mark ”Foamisol.” Foamisol - a modern, effective. ecological and inexpensive foam insulation from the class that the liquid injected into cavities of walls, roofs and other building structures. More information you can find on our official site. We also provide services for insulation of buildings and flats traditional materials such as foam and mineral wool.
Products, services
Company ”Ukraine Spetsdorbud” offers construction and repair of roads I - V categories, as well as the builder of industrial-tion, access, concrete, ground, sieved, dairy, farm roads, parking lots, logistics platforms ”turnkey”. Technology used by our company NanoSky (Germany) allows you to:  shorten the life of works (construction, capi-tal repair;)  Increase the carrying More details
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