Manufacture of machinery and equipment for the production of paper and cardboard

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Products, services
Cardboard boxes, cardboard containers, cardboard boxes, packaging for pizza, accessories for corrugated packaging, corrugated sheet, POS-materials, cardboard patorni, corrugated boxes, packaging for fruit and vegetables.
Products, services
Materials for manufacture and repair of flat dies. Materials, equipment and components for the manufacture and attachment of the aprons. Elements and components for section cutting. Creasing channels and materials for checkout. Materials and equipment for the label
Status in EDR terminated
Products, services
Послуги: Розробки науково-технічні в паперовій і взуттєвий промышленностиъ
Products, services
Delivery of spare parts and seals for equipment
Products, services
Manufacture of machinery and equipment, special purpose, not elsewhere classified
Products, services
Paper packaging / multiwall paper bags / Paper bags open type / closed Paper bags (valve) type / Paper bags / screen printing Services / Services offset printing / printing logos and other advertising information / Imparting waterproof qualities to the paper bags
Products, services
Products: roll flexographic printing machines / machine bobinorizalni / Book sewer printing machines / printing and packaging drotoshveyni machines / Folding machines / gilt media / industrial laminating / printing, vysikalni line / kapsulyatory

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