Manufacture of electric motors, generators and transformers

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Company OWEN is a domestic manufacturer of means of industrial automation and control devices (sensors, controllers, frequency converters, regulators, etc.). OWEN products are common industrial and successfully used in industrial cold systems and climate control, engineering, chemical, food industries, housing and communal services, agro-industrial complex, as well as in energy, science, education More details
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The company ”ZAKHIDENERGOSERVIS” performs the following types of work: - internal power distribution networks for industrial and civil objects; - network of indoor and outdoor lighting; - air and cable power lines with voltage 0.4-10 kV; - transformer substations of all types and modifications; - calculation, assembly and installation of panel equipment; - design and start-up works.
Products, services
Продукція: Трансформатори верстатні / трансформатори розділові / Трансформатори освітлення / Знижувальні трансформатори / Прогрузочниє трансформатори / Трансформатори для живлення електроінструменту / Пічні трансформатори More details
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