Production of ceramic insulators and insulating fittings

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At your service we offer the manufacture of materials for radio engineering and electronics: - We produce materials for radio electronics: fluxes of water-soluble L-5, L-5M (”WAVE” solder); - electroplating supplements for boards: ”DS-Na”, ”LTI”; - current-conducting rubber ТРС 603Н; - ceramic substrates for integrated circuits including for microwave engineering (VK-94- ”22ХС”, More details
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KSSIE ”Kvarsyt” specializes in the development and batch manufacturing of military products, namely, radiolucent heat-resistant radomes (nose cone) for aviation guided missiles and missiles that are part of the anti-aircraft missile systems. Moreover, Kvarsyt manufactures a variety of industrial products with increased heat resistance made of opaque and transparent glass ceramics, slip cast fused More details
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Manufacture of other electrical equipment not elsewhere classified
  • 11001, Zhytomyrska obl., Olevskyi r-n, m. Olevsk, vul. Vyhovskoho, 36
  • +38 (050) 3341778
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Manufacture of ceramic insulators and fittings
  • 25006, Кіровоградська обл., місто Кропивницький, Фортечний район, ВУЛИЦЯ ЕЛЬВОРТІ, будинок 5, офіс 26
  • +38 (096) 8567999

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