Production of ceramic tiles and slabs

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We offer: - ceramic tile and ceramic granite; - plumbing and bathroom furniture; - cutting and processing of ceramic tiles; - manufacture of ceramic baseboard; - manufacturing of stairs from ceramic granite; - stone processing; - manufacture of quartzite desks and sills; - Hydroabrasive cutting of ceramic tile, stone, metal.
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- Ceramic chimneys; - Chimneys made of steel; - Ventilation ducts.
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Production of ingots and rolled products: ingots and rolled structural, structural, alloy, chrome, stainless, resistant, tool, tool-alloy steel;  bars of special steel grades for companies that manufacture forgings and their treatment;  rolled ordinary steel for the construction industry, as well as special steel for machinery, production tools, dies and molds, wear-resistant elements of railway More details
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- Foam glass in blocks; - Fastening for foam glass; - Foam glass covered with bitumen; - Plastered foam glass; - Foam crumb; - A wide range of shaped products from foam glass; - Calculation of insulation thickness.
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Our company is engaged in the processing of wood, for the final product - the elements of wooden structures of houses. The original idea of
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Продукція: Вироби домашні і кухонні неелектричні / Вироби з гуми і пластмас для промислового використання / Виробу металеві і залізні / Матеріали будівельні / Машини гідравлічні і пневматичні / Машини і устаткування для More details
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