Paper pulp production

Products, services
Evopak Company offers you a wide range of corrugated cardboard products: Corrugated cardboard Box of four valves Box for pizza Corrugated sheets are self-assemblies of complex cutting Glued vegetable gauffins Corrugated Packing ”Cover + Bottom” Corrugated boxes and corrugated boxes for postal items Double-layer corrugated cardboard in rolls Accessories from corrugated cardboard - lattice, More details
Products, services
CCC offers many products, including: • The corrugated cardboard of the type of sandwich. • The corrugated cardboard of the corrugated type. • Corrugated boxes with four valves. • Corrugated boxes without top flaps. • Corrugated boxes without bottom valves. • Cardboard packing strip. • Cardboard lattice. • Cardboard shell. • Liners made of cardboard. • Products of complex cutting. More details

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