Production of non-distilled fermented beverages

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Galicia Brewery is a craft brewery with modern technological equipment and high quality standards in the field of beer production. High quality raw materials, clean water and a professional team are the key to getting the best product. We cook for you !!! There are two permanent beers in the assortment, namely the ”Jasne Camp” and the aromatic Amber Ale ”Amber Station” (Station Yantarne).
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The first distilling company (the owner of TM ”crust”) over the years traditional recipes of alcoholic beverages collects that have been made since ancient times, as in Ancient Kievan Rus and present-day Ukraine. Important for us is the quality of the end product, vodka can’t be cheap, but we can offer inexpensively order and buy our alcohol by the gross, ongoing direct sales from the manufacturer.
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Лікеро-горілчаний завод ”PRIME” - це новий, досконалий, ”з нуля” побудований комплекс з виробництва алкогольних напоїв. Це досконалість обумовлено вибором місця для будівництва заводу: екологічно чистий регіон, наявність More details
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