Breeding other cattle and buffalo

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- Crop Oilseeds Sunflower Industrial crops Rape Crops Wheat Corn Barley Peas retail TM ”House of Meat” Wholesale TM ”Agro-Oven” - Animal husbandry Pig-breeding In live weight Breeding animals (F-1, x Dyurok KB) Landrace Dyurok White Ukrainian Hungarian In slaughter weight Pork in p / t, h / w, s / n, c / b Pork in n / m, edging Offal Cattle in live weight of pedigree White More details
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Products: Grains, legumes, Wheat, Corn, beet, potato, vegetables, cattle, pig
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Bull semen, bulls, rams and boars, shipping semen, bulls, liquid nitrogen, a tool for artificial insemination of royal stock, transplant embryos, breeding bull Ukrainian red-spotted breast and Holstein breeds, selling tribal knurtsiv and pigs of large white breed. Cattle-breeding Swine breeding Horse Sheep breeding Poultry breeding Antykryzys
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Growing of cereals (except rice), leguminous crops and oil seeds
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