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Optimal Package

High ranking and search promotion in the network of our business directories

Using the Optimal Package your business profile is ranked high on our business directories, so you are sure to stand out against your competitors and attract new customers. The purchase of Optimal Package helps you to take advantage of our business directory, mainly the access to tens of thousands of unique visitors per day who can see information about your business.

The main advantages of the Optimal Package:

  • 4-star business rating
  • High places in search inside our business directories
  • Company logo, photo, video, description and other information about your business
  • Keywords promotion inside our business directories
  • Electronic catalog of enterprises of Ukraine as a gift

The price is 1990 UAH per 1 year.

Detailed description of Optimal package::

We offer: You receive:
1. High business rating on UA-REGION business directory (4 stars):

Better position comparing to competitors in our business directory search using keywords that characterize your business. Statistics show that 80% of Internet visitors are browsing only the first page with search results. So, a guaranteed position at the top of the rating will ensure you a qualitative leap in the influx of potential customers.
2. Personal profile of your enterprise.

In your personal profile we will post the following information:
  • Contact information (actual and legal address, website, email, phone numbers, fax, full name of the said officials)
  • Company position on interactive map of your city
  • Company logo, brand name, brand graphics
  • Video presentations describing the activity of your company
  • Description and images of your products, goods and services
  • Specially selected keywords (tags), describing the activity of your company
A fully complete profile of your company will be available on the following business directories: UA-REGION.INFO, UA-REGION.COM, UA-REGION.COM.UA, POSHUK.COM.

Correctly drawn up personal profile of your company has the following advantages comparative to individual websites and blogs:
  • Enormous total traffic of business directories
  • User-friendly interface, common style and strict design
  • Constant updating, actuality of information is controlled by our specialists
3. Assistance in top ranking of your company profile in Google search results.

To achieve this, we use the following methods and tools:
  • Increasing linking mass by creating internal linking inside our business directory system (up to 30)
  • Selection and placement of keywords (up to 20)
Our specialists will monitor your corporate website, analyze the quality of its content, make up a list of keywords that most fully reflect the activities of your company and effectively increase the interest of the target audience of your goods and services consumers. These keywords will be placed in your company profile.
4. As a bonus you will get electronic catalogue The Enterprises of Ukraine. Full database. Convenient user interface and search system, possibility of printing, including envelopes, etc. All this allows to reduce the time usually spent searching for the customer using the standard tools of marketing.


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