Catalog of Ukrainian enterprises

Online ordering database by territory and industry

Our company is already active in the field of forming databases of Ukrainian enterprises. years old. Today, we are a leader in this niche as thanks to the fact that we form exclusively current bases, and due to the fact that they are open to dialogue with the customer and can form a base with taking into account his requirements and peculiarities of the business in which he is engaged.

If you do not need a database of all enterprises of Ukraine, then we can form a database which will cover certain areas or businesses that operate in some particular industry.

The service “Online database order by territories and industries” allows you to quickly create an order database by own selection criteria, according to the territorial and sectoral classifiers of Ukraine in Microsoft Excel format.

Example DB in EXCEL

The cost of the database of enterprises of Ukraine by territory and industry in EXCELfrom 2000 UAH.


And right now you can proceed to the selection of areas and industries for order formation: