Catalog of Ukrainian enterprises

Database of all Ukrainian enterprises in EXCEL

We are ready to create the most complete database of enterprises in Ukraine at the time of order, which is provided in EXCEL file. Database of all enterprises of Ukraine will be very useful. in a variety of situations, for example, if you want to attract a large number of new ones to your business customers, looking for new partners, or you want your business to cover all regions of the country.

Example DB in EXCEL

Formation of database companies: collecting, processing, analyzing, storing and updating information - this is our business, and being a leading company in this segment in Ukraine, we are ready to offer the most the full base of all enterprises of Ukraine in EXCEL, which by its fullness and relevance can surpass any competitive solution.

The base of all enterprises of Ukraine in EXCEL, which the company UA-REGION offers, really includes all enterprises existing at the time of your order.


The cost of the database of all enterprises of Ukraine in EXCEL8000 UAH.


The database is stored in the EXCEL file and contains information about the name of the organization, city, address, areas activities, phones, e-mail and websites. The undoubted advantage of a formed base is that it can be sorted very quickly by any values ​​- for example, by filtering by activity, You will get a complete list of organizations in the industry you are interested in in seconds. It is very convenient, because the base includes enterprises of all branches of Ukraine. In addition, the EXCEL file can be edited such that will be useful, for example, in the case of using the base for hot dialing - you can add additional values ​​and indicate the results of calls, their time and redial schedule.

Very often, our customers order the base of all Ukrainian enterprises in the EXCEL format in order to use it for mass mailing by e-mail and sms - all programs and online services for Such mailings can instantly import an enterprise email address and mobile number phone, which makes solving your problems not only simple, but also extremely operational.

The base of all enterprises of Ukraine formed by us in EXCEL is extremely convenient in work. tool!

In Ukraine, new companies are constantly opening up, and in order to provide our customers with the most We have developed an ultra-efficient information retrieval system for the current database of all enterprises. Data collection for the base is carried out by means of a special program, the algorithms of which are not only extremely effective, but constantly improved. When searching for information about the company, we are not limited exclusively official websites of the companies - data is collected from various open sources in the internet. After the program performs data collection, our specialists. At the processing stage, companies that have ceased to exist are excluded. incorrect data is corrected. As a result, our client receives the base of all Ukrainian enterprises in EXCEL, in which there are no duplicates that in the future will provide an opportunity data usage.

UA-REGION offers the service of forming the base of all enterprises of Ukraine in EXCEL at an affordable cost.

Competitive prices are one of the reasons why so many customers choose us. We are not overestimate the cost of services for many reasons, including no need to rent an office and no need to attract a large number of employees due to the progressive algorithm data retrieval which almost 90% automates the process of forming a database. But we are not We offer you our services for a pittance - of course, you can purchase a database of organizations for others sites. And cheaper. But, after you find yourself wasting your time and money, and The purchased database of companies is not relevant - return to us and order the most relevant and complete base of all enterprises of Ukraine.

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