Database of all Ukrainian enterprises in Exce

The main characteristics of the full database of UA-REGION

  • The database contains information about 1335846 legal entities of Ukraine with the possibility of selection by territories and types of activity.
  • Information is regularly updated with data from the Unified State Register of Ukraine
  • The data has been cleaned, validated and processed by our experts using unique technology for collecting and organizing data.
  • Scope DB — direct marketing, telemarketing (phone calls), Internet Marketing.
  • Excel spreadsheets are easily imported into CRM systems and other marketing systems, bookkeeping and accounting.
How is the search for information and the formation of the database

Formation of databases of companies: collection, processing, analysis, storage and updating information is our business, and being the leading company in this segment on the territory Ukraine, we are ready to offer the most complete database of all enterprises in Ukraine in EXCEL, which fullness and relevance will be able to surpass any competitive solution.

Data collection for the database is carried out using a special program, the algorithms of which not only extremely effective, but also constantly being improved. When looking for information about companies, we do not we restrict ourselves exclusively to the official websites of companies – data is collected from a variety of open sources on the Internet. After the program collects data to begin work on them our specialists. At the processing stage, enterprises that have ceased their existence, incorrect data is corrected. As a result, our client receives a database of all Ukrainian enterprises in EXCEL, in which there are no duplicates, which in the future will provide an opportunity for effective use of data.

Who owns the information, he owns the world, and this is actually the case when it comes to large, corporate business. With a complete database, you will always have access to information about any enterprise in Ukraine.

Note. Information business directories of a series the Bussiness-Guide™, and also regional and branch databases are delivered according to the standard principle in world practice «AS IT IS». The developer and distributor do not take the responsibility for problems arising in the process of exploitation of reference books and databases. The developer and the distributor do not take the responsibility for a possible damage as a result of use of the given software and databases. The developer and distributor do not take the responsibility for indirect losses or for a damage to the enterprise, the lost of expected profit, arisen in connection with liquidation or change of requisites of the organizations brought in databases or directories.

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