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Databases in EXCEL

Creation of databases of the enterprises of Ukraine in the Microsoft Excel format, according to yours needs:

Example database in EXCEL format

The best way to increase sales is to form and expand your customer base, and with the solution Our company is ready to help you with this task. UA-REGION offers the most relevant formation service. databases of all Ukrainian enterprises in EXCEL, so if you want to open or develop your business, bring it to new regions, want to acquire new customers, are aimed at sales growth, are looking for business partners or new suppliers, our services will be the best solution for you assigned task.

We are a leader in our field of activity because we offer the most complete and current database. data for any industry and region of Ukraine. Our company collects information, which fill the database, from company sites and other open sources on the Internet. All information is collected special software, progressive algorithms which provide operational obtaining the most relevant data, but, of course, after collecting all the information received passes the process of careful sorting and detailed processing. This approach allows us to provide customers with data in a uniform form, without duplicates.

Databases that you can buy from us are not only the most up-to-date, but also very convenient to using.

The bases that our company is ready to form for the customer will be stored in files like EXCEL and include a lot of different information - legal address, actual address, main phone number, additional contact numbers, e-mail, site of the enterprise. Each field formed base located in a separate column, so that if necessary, you can sort by any values ​​of these fields. Also worth noting is that all EXCEL files can be edited, so you you can always supplement them with your own data, for example, the results of cold dialing, the date of its implementation or date of the next call. The undoubted advantage of databases in EXCEL is that all software, as well as online services intended for mass distribution of e-mail and sms support the function of importing mobile numbers and email addresses from files of this format.

We create databases in EXCEL at the best prices.

Our pricing policy allows each client to take an individual approach to the issue. formation of the actual database according to its requirements, and, thus, to get the optimal output value for money of our product. The process of forming a database for a specific client almost does not require human intervention since it is 90% automated, which means not only efficiency of the service provided, but also the lack of need to spend a lot of money on human labor is limited to the services of a few professionals. Another reason available Pricing is that we do not have to maintain an office, since the whole team works remotely. AT As a result of these factors, UA-REGION forms the most up-to-date and complete EXCEL databases in the shortest terms at competitive prices, which in turn makes it the best partner for customers from Ukraine.

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