Catalog of Ukrainian enterprises


Our company is a leader in the field of database formation of Ukrainian enterprises and their integration with any CRM systems. The services of our company are very popular among various companies in Ukraine because Today, you can successfully develop your business only if you work effectively with real and potential customers, and to ensure such efficiency can only relevant and complete database.

Services we provide:

The database which is stored in the EXCEL document is a classic EXCEL file in which There are all companies and information about them. We collect a lot of information useful for working with potential customers or partners - in separate columns contains information on the full name of the enterprise, its field of activity, the name and surname of its manager, contact details such as mobile and landline numbers, address email, fax, address location of the enterprise or its main office. This information is sufficient for full interaction with enterprises - for example, you can integrate a file with a database into a special online system or program for mass sending sms or e-mail messages, and it does not take much time because all such systems are able to quickly import data from the database into EXCEL file, eliminating the need for wasting time and effort on manual transfer. Also worth noting is that you can edit the file - for example, mark companies that you have already contacted.

Example DB in EXCEL Document

Despite the fact that the database of Ukrainian enterprises, presented in the EXCEL file format, is very convenient, many customers turn to us for the service of its integration into the CRM system. we we integrate the database into any CRM, including such as Terrasoft, SugarCRM, OneBox CRM, 1C, Apec Soft and Bitrix24. This service is required for those customers who want to not only acquire a base. to find new customers, but in general, improve business efficiency through automation management processes. Using a CRM system opens up many possibilities. You can group companies from the database by any parameters, quickly find the desired company and view all the information about how to communicate with its representatives at all stages. On Based on the data collected, an analysis of the performance of both the system and the staff is carried out. Developed measures to adjust the existing business processes, the plan for further implementation CRM. Most CRMs are the perfect marketing tool — for example, you can arrange automatic distribution of messages to the e-mail addresses of enterprises from the database in automatic mode. In the hands of an experienced manager, a properly tuned CRM with an actual base embedded in it data of Ukrainian enterprises is a unique tool to improve the efficiency of the company.

Why we are leaders in the market of formation of databases of Ukrainian enterprises?

The answer to this question is very simple - with a wealth of experience, we are ready to form a base for our clients. data which will include all businesses and will be able to Fully meet all customer requirements. How did we achieve this? Of course, first of all, by partially automating the process of finding businesses using a special software in combination with the algorithms developed by our programmers. Data algorithms are unique and are one of the secrets of our success because they allow us continuously analyze the market and track the emergence of all new companies instantly - as soon as Ukraine registers a new enterprise, information about it immediately enters our database. But, Of course, not only this allowed us to achieve the highest results. In many ways the quality database formed depends on the efforts of our specialists, who, thanks to their impressive program experience and professionalism are able to bring to mind the data obtained by the program. Team our specialists make a lot of effort to ensure that the database does not include companies, which have ceased to exist, and also ensures that all information that presented in the database was extremely reliable. And of course, it should be noted that Unlike our competitors, we deal with our services very quickly - extensive experience allows us to spend the minimum time on the formation of a database without sacrificing its quality.

Another advantage of the company UA-REGION is that we are ready to go to meet the client and create just such a database, which will be most appropriate for the set before him tasks. Of course, we can form a database that covers all regions of the country and all enterprises, but if you need a base that includes enterprises from a certain area activities, or businesses that operate in a particular region, then we can to arrange!

If you plan to work with the database for a long period of time, as is usually the case happens, then pay attention to the database service. The database we will create for you will contain the most current information, but of course it will eventually become obsolete, so how new enterprises will gradually appear on the market, and some will close on the contrary. If you use this service, you can be sure that the database will be relevant all the time - our workers will clean it from "dead" firms, as well as add new businesses that are your potential customers.

UA-REGION company professionally copes with the services of forming a database of Ukrainian enterprises and its implementation in any CRM, and at the same time leads a competitive pricing policy.

Believe me, not one of our competitors will be able to cope with the tasks described above better than us, because Our unique algorithms and rich experience allow us to form the most reliable databases in which there will be a minimum of erroneous data. We will also please you with the efficiency of the services, which also important, because the sooner you start working to attract new customers, the sooner you start get a profit. And, despite the fact that we are the best, we cope with all the tasks for optimal prices. Great experience has taught us not only to completely cope with their responsibilities, excluding the slightest mistakes in the formation of databases and their integration into CRM, but also to optimize the workflow so as to provide services at a competitive cost. As a result, prices for all services are not higher than prices. competitors, but at the same time we cope with our tasks several times better than them!

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