Catalog of Ukrainian enterprises

Databases of Ukrainian enterprises

Creating databases for your criteria

Our company a wide range of services for creating databases on the criteria and requirements of the client:

  • Formation of a database to the client, filling the base and its support.
  • Creating a commercial database from scratch, as well as information from different sources.
  • Standardization and normalization of any ready-made database. Bringing legacy database to the current state.
  • Broadcast ready databases to any standards and formats, the writing of client interfaces to the tasks.
  • Unique statistics and dynamics of any request: Company name, ownership, scope and activities, regions, addresses, names and titles, another.
  • Providing the source code of our products by third developers affiliate program.

Companies in our databases are classified into categories and headings, as the main criterion for classification are the sectoral and territorial classifications of Ukraine.

Database for marketing systems

Carrying out any direct marketing activities, and just work with current clients at various stages of sales cycle requires the establishment of a unified electronic database of clients — a structured, constantly replenished and updated information on individuals or entities, and their consumer preferences and needs, in order to follow processing this information.

We will help fill your system data on the contractors, clients, potential clients as well as contact information for them.

Export database

The system of marketing is not having a complete database of clients and counterparties — this as a "factory without raw materials".
We provide uknikalnuyu to conveniently export our database of Ukrainian enterprises in any marketing system.


Database in direct marketing are closely related to the concept of CRM-Customer Relationship Management, you can consolidate all customer information, and streamline all stages of relationships with customers from marketing and sales to after-sales service.

Today, companies are gradually realizing the need for CRM-strategy — a strategy of communication with clients, during which information about the customer, his needs and contact with them is collected and used to construct a new communications.

In the market of CRM-systems a lot of players and participants. Upon request, "CRM-system" Google search engine will display more than 10 million results. Every employer or manager of the enterprise eventually comes to choosing a business system for its specific activity. And for our part we provide a convenient opportunity to export our database in your system.

Terms of the acquisition of a database of Ukrainian companies:

  • The cost of our services for the preparation of a database — to be negotiated.
  • The database format — Excel or Access.
  • Selecting fields on customer demand.
  • The training database — 1 week.
  • Prepayment 100%.
  • Contract of database use solely within your company.
  • Information security — do not send the database to third parties and placed openly on the Internet.


Contact us in order to receive more detailed information.