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CRM-system. Database of Ukrainian companies for your CRM-system

CRM-system Modern marketing is impossible without a CRM-systems. Market monitoring, competitive intelligence, pricing policies and other types of marketing research is impossible without the availability of reliable and up to date customer database. Are all familiar with the term "merge database" when sales manager, leaving the company, picks up with one of the most valuable resources of the company — customer database. The losses of the company in this case may be in the millions of dollars. After leaving not just names, goes all the technology, the history of the relationship with the client how much time it took to entice the customer, what leverage have had an effect on him, an analysis of its financial capacity (number of products bought and, accordingly, would bring profits) and more. More damage is a company that has not lost or systematic database of competitors and counterparties (suppliers, partners).

Unfortunately, modern education system does not produce professionals capable of creating for the needs of business and quality of the database, based on the specific needs of individual companies. The lack of analytical thinking, the ability to structure, to distinguish reliable information from the false, the inability to see the complete image of the electronic catalog often leads to disastrous consequences. In addition, accessible and widely used standard programs are good for doing home accounting, student payments, but not a complicated procedure for marketing analysis. That's why business portal UA-REGION professionally engaged in the creation of electronic databases. None of the Ukrainian enterprise, rendering at least a minimal impact on the market, are not without our attention. More than a decade of experience creating electronic business directories of different levels allows us to offer you a full set of professional tools of internet marketing. One such tool is a CRM-system.

Features of the Ukrainian market and require a different approach to enterprise management. As leading experts in the field of databases, we provide our customers with the best solutions that can have a positive impact on your business. Our designs, after thorough testing and debugging, fully automated and easily imported into any, you already have an existing database. For the most popular ones we have created plug-ins, targeting a specific CRM-system.

Import database of Ukrainian companies to popular CRM-system

Terrasoft. Databases for Terrasoft — our response to your request

The advantage of this system is that it can be tailored to the needs of the company without involving technical experts. Products supported by all popular Terrasoft database and offers solutions for technology «SaaS» and «Open Source». The proposed system is oriented to trade and manufacturing company. Level D allows you to organize remote jobs, improve the efficiency of all employees.

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SugarCRM. Ukrainian enterprises database for SugarCRM

System with "open source", which can drastically alter their own, depending on customer requirements. Free basic program provides an opportunity to get acquainted with SugarCRM, and then introduce it gradually, modules, without breaking the familiar rhythm of work and existing business schemes. Remote access allows you to take advantage of the system from any browser, anywhere in the world, 24 hours a day.

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OneBox CRM. The customer base for the system OneBox CRM

WebProduction company engaged in the development and implementation of OneBox system. This is an ideal CRM and ERP for B2B, B2C and e-commerce. Imagine a single system, which records the calls, letters, customer payments, employees and suppliers, incoming and outgoing orders, leads the contacts database, storage and finance. Unlike other products, it is very easy to setup and use.

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ApecSoft. Ukrainian enterprises database system for APEC CRM

The company offers a CRM-system originally developed by the specifics of Ukrainian business. Basic configuration solve the needs of both small businesses and large corporations. The convenience and simplicity of the interface, the presence of only the required modules, you can quickly and easily implement a system for your business and get on the introduction of the maximum possible result.

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Development of CRM «turn key». Database of Ukraine for any marketing system

If you have difficulty in choosing the CRM-system or are concerned that the existing standard configuration does not suit your business, we can help you attract their partners - the best developers of CRM-systems "turn key" to your needs and specific objectives of your business.

Implementation of the CRM-system

What is CRM Term "customer is always right" did not appear by accident. Retain loyal customers, increase their loyalty, much cheaper and easier than ever to seek and find new ones. And the loss of loyalty, dissatisfied with the quality of services or careless attitude, often not only makes a breach in the company's financial statements, but also cause irreparable blow to its image and reputation.

Get at least the most simple situation: You bought a sweater. You are assured of quality, since the trusted brand of the manufacturer. On the day of purchase, you'll happily reported the acquisition of the family and some friends. Dressed him a couple of times and sent to the laundry. After that, a sweater, say, faded or lost form. The extent of your illness will be inversely proportional to the pleasure of buying it. And his disappointment you share virtually all who meet on this day, from family and neighbors, ending colleagues and friends.

In addition, the resulting negative experience will emerge whenever someone will consult with you about the choice of clothing of any brand. In fact, the share negative - it's ineradicable instinct. Warn about the dangers of kin was important for the survival of mankind in primeval times. And if the company ignores the basic psychological peculiarity of consumers, it will be a huge loss. What one person refuses your services - it is bad, but that he turn away from you 20-30 potential buyers - it is a disaster. And if the companies in the retail trade, such situations can be remedied by introducing a new brand on the market or creating a new aggressive advertising campaign, or changing the packaging of the goods, for industry and all who works in the market B2B (Business-to-Business), it can cause devastation. Since the success of such companies, primarily based on trust in its products.

If you have sold the compressor for the production of ice cream and he "stood up" in the midst of the summer season, or you do not timely delivered spare parts for conveyors, which accounted for because of this stop, the penalty you will pay not only for simple machines, but for its launch, which is usually costly. And most importantly, after this incident, you can easily lose permanent. And as any segment of the market B2B - always fairly close community where everyone knows each other well and are looking for partners for the long term, the loss of reputation can quickly turn into bankruptcy.

Negative outcome is often the result of a chain of small flaws and missteps personnel. Someone overlooked, something allowed to drift, have not missed a bit there, a little bit overlooked here. And a good idea that could bring a breakthrough and a huge profit on the eyes turns into a bubble. That's why competent managers believe the introduction of the CRM-system the only way to adequately monitor business processes in their enterprise.

Figuratively speaking, CRM-system — a tool whose results are most distanced from the subjective evaluation. For example, there is a perception that the sales manager must be active, sociable, able to present yourself, etc. Many managers make the mistake of taking the ability to "splurge" as proof of competence prodazhnika, forgetting that assess a person of this specialty be solely the result of his activities. Uncommon situation where a quiet and calm man who can not "vtyuhivat" product, the company brings more profit than smart manipulator, simply because customers trust him. But to succumb to the charm of outgoing employee is easier than to discern excellence in shabby workaholic. Especially when you consider that employees in sales, as a rule, a lot, but always a leader. But the CRM-system can not be to charm and conquer eloquence. It shows the actual result of each employee at any stage of its interaction with the client.


Implementation of the CRM-system Modern CRM-systems are multi-disciplinary and multi-tasking marketing tools. They make it possible to automate business processes, to put under the complete control of financial flows to easily cope with a warehouse and transport logistics, congestion control personnel, planning tasks, allow you to monitor the project and much more. But most importantly, they all realize the main idea of the modern marketing business for the client. Control relationship with the customer means that all information relating to his person and carried with him the work will be fixed. It would seem familiar to direct marketing mailing list has little effect. But imagine a simple scenario: your client's birthday. But the client - a loner, no family, and friends have forgotten to congratulate. And then he gets a postcard from your company greeting. It would seem that - nothing, he is well aware that the system is automated, but ignore it, he simply can not, because this little mark of attention was performed in the right place at the right time. Customer becomes more loyal to you increases the chance of purchase.

Or another common case. For example, you specialize in the production of expensive beauty products, which implement a network of online shops. You have developed advertising, delivery, customers trust you. But the manager believes that the sales threshold is reached, and makes a mistake. But if he had a CRM-system, it would allow him to advance an analysis of purchases of each customer and find out exactly what is bought more often and with what frequency to make repeated purchases. The results can be used as an additional sentence ("you always buy shampoo with the scent of roses, try soap or hand cream with a similar smell"), or as a preventive suggestions. Usually we buy such goods, after they had already come to an end, and each time going through the inconvenience of the lack of useful things. Therefore, warning the customer need and send it by e-mail an offer to buy goods in advance, we not only pleasant surprise to his attention, but also to get rid of unnecessary inconvenience. Thanks will be forthcoming and will be expressed to you in cash. And these simple examples are dozens.

After many years of e-commerce and cooperation with many Ukrainian companies, we are well aware of how much is needed for business today professional CRM-system. Especially popular in Ukraine for CRM-systems we have developed an automated process for creating and database import of Ukrainian companies. We have created plug-ins used by the leader of Russian market of CRM-systems - the company Terrasoft, Ukrainian developers ApecSoft and products company with global recognition - SugarCRM. With the ability to easily import a database of enterprises in Ukraine UA-REGION, you can begin to effectively use the selected CRM-system since its introduction to your company. In addition, we can prepare the database for individual orders and collect for you all the information you need. Collaborating with professional programmers and developers, we are ready to help you choose as your company the most suitable CRM-system and to develop its "turn key", using our partnership with the company АйТи-Сфера.


Database of UA-REGION — Our marketing system is one hundred percent!



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