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Commercial offer


A modern, fast-paced business daily confronted with a number of problems requiring immediate and competent decisions. The success of a company depends on many factors, ranging from the global economic factors and ending with the productivity of each individual employee.

A key influence on the financial result has a marketing strategy that solves the age-old question: «What to sell?», «To whom to sell?» and «How to make buying it we?»

Traditional advertising campaigns are often costly, and justify the expectations imposed on them is not always the case. Conducting a large-scale advertising through the media, vibrant promotions targeted to your target audience, relentless attract attention of potential buyers through a diverse range of POS-materials, of course, will bear fruit.

However, these methods are effective only at very early stages of introducing a new brand, or during a major re-branding. In most cases the most effective tool for business promotion is internet advertising.

The effectiveness of advertising on the Internet for the following reasons:

Focus on your target audience

Internet users that are already configured for the purchase of specific goods or services, always graciously would react to advertising that meets their search for their interests.

Access to information

Is activated the maximum number of sources of information about your company.

Efficiency: the result is real

The performance of your investments becomes apparent at once: as the number of visitors to your site, increasing the rating of the popular search engines, wide dissemination of information about your business, etc.

Costs are transparent and justified

At each stage, you understand what you pay your money and what the result will in the end.


Our company is one of the first in Ukraine began to develop electronic databases, focused on business needs. More than 10 years of experience in promotion and advancement of business on the Internet allows us to provide our customers with services of any complexity level.

We specialize in:

Establishment of electronic databases Our company provides services for creating, transmission and maintenance of databases in full compliance with all the necessary criteria and requirements. We offer the information is relevant, reliable and meets the highest standards.
Implementing CRM We not only deal with the introduction of various CRM (such, for example, as SugarCRM), but have unique experience to export to a variety of CRM databases.
Commercial advertising on the Internet and promotion of sites We use the most modern and effective methods of SEO and site promotion.
The implementation of electronic catalogs of Ukrainian enterprises For over 10 years we are engaged in the creation and distribution of electronic databases. Our electronic catalogs contains a vast array of reliable and up to date business information. Produced by our catalog of Ukrainian companies under the trademark «Business-Guide™», contains information on over 330000 companies than for all sectors and regions of Ukraine.


All of these integral parts of our company should work to improve your marketing strategy.

For promotion and promotion on the Internet, we use the opportunities of an entire network our business portals, focused on the needs of large, medium and small businesses.

To date, at your service:

«UA-REGION.INFO — The most relevant databases on the enterprises of Ukraine» — only one in Ukraine Internet project, which was awarded a gold medal «Znak Jakosti» in the category of «Creation, transmission and maintenance of databases» for providing services that meet European standards of quality.

«Ukrainian Business Information Portal | ® Poshuk» — specializes in providing comprehensive services for Information Management.

«Business-Guide™» — Ukrainian popular search service, a registered trademark.

«DLAB.COM.UA — Universal Lviv Guide» — One of the first Ukrainian business portal, offers the most complete and current information on the enterprises of Lviv and Lviv region.


Based on the dynamic development of Ukrainian segment of Internet and the needs of the modern Ukrainian enterprises, our company has developed a special offer — comprehensive service packages.

We offer packages of services formed the basis of business needs at various levels.

Packages of services «Budget», «Effective», «Optimal» и «VIP» aimed at meeting the needs of both the newly established companies who are just starting to gain market and large corporations for many years, steadily holding their positions. Each package is designed to achieve certain goals. We offer you only those tools that are needed for the promotion of your business on the Internet.

Package of services «Budget» meet the minimum needs of companies that do not require extensive advertising. This package facilitates penetration of the site of your company in the top 30 popular search engines Google, Yandex, META, and also allows you to put the basic business information in all of our electronic business directories on the Internet and on CD.

Package of services «Effective» best start for the promotion of your business will be provided to you. This package is an excellent tool to generate audience loyalty and brand recognition for sustainable your business on the Internet.

Package of services «Optimal»: Integrated Business Information System «All Enterprises Of Ukraine» (ESDI) — a comprehensive program, which allows for quick promotion of your company on the Internet, to ensure its high commercial rating, to realize the hidden competitive advantages, enhance the positioning of your brand among the target audience.

Package of services «VIP» you provide the most effective promotion of your company on the Internet, as well as maximizing the attendance of its corporate website in the shortest possible time. Guaranteed stay in the top three of our business directory!



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