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Successful development of the modern business is impossible without the competent marketing policy using the most powerful tool to influence a wide variety of potential customers – the Internet.

World Wide Web influence is such that popularity of the company, trust to its name and increase of demand for its services, now directly depend on its website position in ratings of popular search engines.

According to statistics, as for today over 60 % of the population of Ukraine make decision to turn to a particular company based on the opinion formed after analysis of data received in various Internet resources. Exactly for this reason business promotion in the Internet is a main direction of UA-REGION business portal.

Over 10-year experience of business promotion allowed us to generate the complex approaches providing the maximum business advancement in the Internet. Within the limits of all our service packages we offer complete registration of your company in a network of our business and Internet portals, substantial improvement of your company search rating and getting leading positions in popular search systems (Google, Yandex, META).

Having regard to the various purposes and needs of small, medium and large business we have created unique service packages which can benefit every client who turns to us.

VIP Package: Maximum Business Rating

VIP package is aimed at maximal promotion of the business in the Internet. It is a universal tool to achieve leading positions for dynamically developing companies for which constant expansion of their sphere of influence is especially important. It is also perfect for large companies needing to maintain their stable position in the market.

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Optimal Package: Integrated Business Information System "All Enterprises of Ukraine"

The complex program provided by this service package is ideal for all medium business companies. If it is necessary for your company to attain a competitive business position, to have a permanent influence on target audience, to get to TOP-10 ranking of search engines, to make the information on services and production accessible and easily found — this packet is just what you need.

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Effective Package: Integral approach for steady business advancement

The "golden mean" in the Internet business promotion and advancement, integral approach aimed at improvement of your company's search engine visibility as well as predictability of results make this package an attractive offer for dynamically developing companies of small and medium business.

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Economy Package: Economical business promotion in the Internet

In this package we offer the minimum necessary to improve a company's ranking in the Internet. This packet provides an excellent start for promotion of any limited budget business company.

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Business advertising — effective tool to increase your sales

Increase of sales is the immutable purpose of every company. Huge work on production of wares capable to take in the leading positions in the market would bring no expected results without a thorough implementation of marketing activities. Thus, market segmentation, market researches performed on accurately chosen representatives of target audience, customer-oriented advertising, usage of the most effective methods for business promotion provide competitiveness of your enterprise and increase of sales.

Appropriate advertising campaign should become an important part of business promotion in the Internet. Moreover, it is necessary to hold balance between explicit and implicit Internet advertising. Nowadays, official website, even with the content filled perfectly well, and several banners is not enough to occupy a leading position and to influence Internet users. Only the complex advertising-marketing approach is capable to bring your company real results. Placing information about your company activities in various electronic databases, business data catalogues, information resources is the only method of unintrusive advertising providing the customers with impression of making an independent choice. Our specialist team will help you to make them to choose you.

It is over ten years since the UA-REGION business directory has been devoted to wide profile databases creation (for marketing and any other commercial usage). Our accumulated experience has allowed us not only to improve system of electronic business data catalogues, but also to create the complex business plan for your business promotion in the Internet. Such our services as placing of advertisements, provision of the most complete databases with valid and trustworthy information, website promotion and complex SEO optimization is far not the complete list of our potentials to favourably influence your business development.

We offer you a highly elaborated structured system based on the most complete database of the enterprises of Ukraine. As for today it contains more than 330000 registered legal and physical persons. It provides you with the most complete information about competitors' activity in a relevant sphere, about the existing companies the cooperation with which will bring considerable benefit for your business development. In turn, owing to registration in so extensive business data catalogue, the information on your company will be accessible to all potential partners and clients. Availability and compactness of information content in electronic databases and wide search possibilities on various branches and regions of Ukraine makes your company easy to find. Moreover, complete and up-to-date information help to attract new clients, refine image of your company and show the competitors force of your position.

Business data catalogues — a fine strategic line for online advertising. The competent use of business data catalogues provides unintrusive but constant improvement of your company positions in the Internet. Distinguishing feature of this method is that it influences directly the target audience necessary for you in the Internet. Due to the capabilities of search engines, a user finds information on the services necessary for it in our databases. Possibility to independently find the information the user is interested in allows to softly influence his decision on cooperation with you.

In the similar way the success is achieved when we place a profile of your company which optionally can contain the fullest possible information on your business. The name and logo of your company, all necessary contact information, list of products (with photos) and services, price-lists, advertising materials and video-presentations in soft but confident way will inform the potential client on advantages of your company and push softly to the decision on cooperation. Besides, placing in electronic databases, due to SEO optimisation methods and websites promotion allows to improve considerably a rating of your company in popular search engines.

Electronic catalogues have a double effect — they provide additional advertising and they can and should be used for solution of business problems. High-quality and simple database is especially necessary for specialists of marketing department, sales department, distribution department as well as for all decision-making persons. Our CD business references issued under a trade mark Business-Guide™, contain the fullest data of the enterprises of Ukraine.

Skilfully thought-out software, broad search capabilities (on regions, branches), simplicity of use, updateness and reliability of information, flexible configuration possibilities according to the needs of the specific company, possibility of independent updating - all of this makes our databases the most effective tool for satisfaction of information needs of any business.

The staff of the UA-REGION Internet portal takes pains for examination and business analysis of the Ukrainian market. Basing on the individual requirements of your company, we will compile a specialised database. Careful monitoring of the market will provide completeness and reliability of the provided data. You will obtain a full data on the industry or region of Ukraine you are in search of. Information, gathered according to your requirements, will be delivered to you online or sent on a compact disc.

We can provide you with full and trustworthy information on main market players as well as on partner relations established between the companies. Due to our broad opportunities we will provide you with the most actual information concerning changes in legal regulations. It will help you to use the legal changes to your own advantage. Reports on financial results, sponsor or charity activity, as well as report about reputation of your competitors will assist your specialists in working out the most effective strategy of your company development. Professional examination of business environment allows you to benefit from using a huge amount of carefully checked and selected information on a particular Ukrainian market segment.


Complex online advertising from UA-REGION portal — an effective tool for sales increase!


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