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APECSoft. Database of Ukraine for the CRM-system APEC CRM

CRM-system APECSoft Every growing business faces the need to use to improve the efficiency of a large number of structured business data. As small, medium and large businesses urgently need relevant and reliable databases that meet all modern business requirements and conditions of a particular company. That's why business portal UA-REGION chosen as a key area of the establishment of professional electronic databases. More than a decade of experience has helped us to build partnerships with a large number of IT-companies, we work with the most competent developers and CRM offer a fully automated process training and import in database Ukrainian enterprises in all existing CRM-system today.

The introduction of CRM-systems at Ukrainian enterprises connected with many difficulties, and the passive resistance of staff innovation - not the greatest of them. Foreign developers offer high-quality tools for the control of the company, which, in all their obvious advantages, have a significant drawback: not take into account the realities of Ukrainian business. Of course, you can always order the developer system "from scratch", which will take into account all the nuances and requirements of your company, but the final cost of the project is not justified.

It is no accident leading position in the development and implementation of software-based business process automation, is founded in 1996, the Ukrainian company "APEC-SOFT".


Characteristics Database of Ukrainian enterprises for APEC CRM
1. The database is available in formats Assess, Excel, or in the form of already prepared for export to APEC CRM
2. The names and characteristics of the database fields for use in the CRM-system APEC CRM
  • Legal, actual name of the Company
  • Legal, actual, postal address of the enterprise (ZIP code in a separate box)
  • Phones enterprises: basic, additional telephones, fax, guide, accounting (code and telephone number are separate fields of the database)
  • E-mail addresses, Internet site
  • Chief, Chief Accountant
  • Products and services company on the branch Classification of Economic Activities in Ukraine
  • Brands Company
  • Other additional fields in t. h. number of employees, year of foundation, bank details, opening times and other.
3. Number of companies in the database: more than 120,000!


The cost of a database of Ukrainian enterprises for APEC CRM8000 UAH.


CRM-system APECSoft The company offers a range of effective marketing tool, designed in a flexible and multi-function CRM-platform "APEC", which will meet the requirements of businesses of any size and any industry.

A significant advantage of working with software product companies, "APEC-SOFT" is its focus on the needs of Ukrainian business and opportunities to adapt ready-made solutions to the needs of a particular enterprise.

The company offers several standard configurations, CRM-systems: APEC Contact, APEC Trade and Warehouse, APEC Enterprise, APEC CRM Lite, etc. Each of these policy proposals focused on different target groups.

Small companies who have decided to try in the CRM-system, but not ready for a large financial costs, we should start with a free system configuration APEC Contact. In terms of functionality this CRM-system is very simple and allows you to organize information on the bases of counterparties, contacts, and schedule events and tasks.

Trading companies will bring the greatest profit system APEC Trade and Warehouse. She not only has broad capabilities in customer relationship management, but also allows you to adjust warehouse logistics, financial operations. This CRM-system allows you to plan the activities of commercial enterprises at all stages: from the "cold call" sales manager, before concluding the deal, picking, shipping and timely delivery.


CRM-system APECSoft APEC Enterprise the most versatile configuration can be easily adapted to the specific needs of any company. Software Development began after a detailed analysis of the structure and business processes of your enterprise, allowing the introduction is the most comfortable and faster profitable company.

The basis for all previous configurations is a program APEC CRM Lite. The program allows you to centrally manage an enterprise, to monitor all the processes in the company, whether it be customer relations, human resources, sales and cash flows of the company.

Opportunity to experience the CRM-system "APEC-SOFT", to understand how the proposed software is suitable for the needs of your business specifically, it is possible by downloading the free trial version at:

It should be noted that, instead of immediately begin to work actively with the new system and appreciate its effectiveness, you will be forced to spend a lot of time just to ensure that data entered in it. This is routine work often leads to lost interest (including hidden sabotage) your staff to the program and your razuverivaniyu the usefulness of CRM-systems in general.

That's why business portal UA-REGION.INFO, specializing in the development of electronic databases, tailored to the needs of Ukrainian business, offers you a ready-made database for various CRM-systems. We are exporting our electronic catalogs in the most popular CRM-systems quickly.

Our fruitful cooperation with the "APEC-SOFT" is built on mutual respect and trust. The result of long-term cooperation is the new version of the APEC CRM, which is already built plug-in for importing database.

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