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82402Lviv region, Stryj, Yavornytskogo street, 34, k. 2
Actual address:79021, Lviv, Kulparkivska street, 93, of. 210
79021, Lviv, Kulparkivska street, 93, of. 210
Telephone main:(097) 2223300
Contact Phone:(098) 2223300

Activity of the enterprise


Products, services

Automation of production technological processes, implementation of complex engineering control systems of automated control systems, retail trade of components of automatic control systems (Siemens, Weidmuller, Rittal, TVD, DKS, LAPP GROUP), energy.

About Company

ProNgroup LLC is a Ukrainian company integrator in the field of industrial automation and modernization, development of new projects and equipping of existing technological equipment with new means of automation in the following areas:
• food industry (oil-extraction plants, elevators)
• metal working (production of rolled metal, profile cold-rolled mills)
• chemical industry (asphalt plants, recycling of fat products)
• construction industry (cement mills, MDF / OSB / chipboard production lines, paper machines, cardboard machines, toilet paper production, corrugated units, glass and products production etc.)
• treatment plant
• industrial solutions / drive technologies / PLC programming

Offers a range of services and works:
- >> Study of automation object, justification of technical solutions, evaluation of technical and economic indicators, preparation of technical task
- >> Optimization of existing automated control systems
- >> Development of logic of control of new technological processes, modernization of existing systems of automation of making changes in the program of work, programming of PLC, programming of specialized controllers, implementation of atypical controller solutions (Simatik), S7-300, S7-400, S7-1200, S7-1500, Rackplc, PanelIpc
- >> Development of new control and display systems and upgrading of existing SCADA (WinCC), client version, server version, panel version of HMI
- >> Programming DCS systems, distributed PCS7 control systems
- >> Selection, parameterization, commissioning of drive systems, positioning systems
- >> Manufacturing of automatic switchboards, switchgear
- >> Industrial automation systems service
- >> Availability of own warehouse equipment and transport logistics supply

ProNgroup LLC - official authorized system integrators of Siemens Ukraine, distributes electrical equipment Siemens, Weidmuller, Rittal, TVD, DCS, Lapp Cable:

• Drive technology:
- frequency converters, servo converters, servos, actuators, direct current drives (Simotion, Sinamics V20, Sinamics V90, Sinamics G120C, Sinamics G120, Sinamics G120P, Sinamics G120X / G120XA, Sinamics G130 / G150, Sinamics S110 / S120, Micromaster, Simovert, DCM, Sinumerik)
- Asynchronous motors, servo motors, DC motors, Simotix GP / SD / XP, 1LE1 / 1LE2 / 1MB1 / 1MB2, 1FT7, 1FG1, 1FK7, 1FL6, 1PH1, 1PH3, 1PH8, 1FE2, 1FN3, 1FW6, 1FW6, 1FW6

• Automation systems:
- PLC, CPU industrial controllers, controller modules, peripheral signal modules, specialized modules (controller Simatic S7-1200, controller controller Simatic S7-1500, controller Simatic S7-300, controller Simatic S7-400, controller Logo! 8, controller ET200SP, controller ET200S, station ET200M, station ET200pro, controller Sinumeric 808D)
- I / O systems (Simatic ET200MP, Simatic ET200iSP, SiplusHSP3200, SiplusHSP4200, SiplusHSP4200, Simatic ET200AL)
- Decentralized periphery (Simatic ET200SP, Simatic ET200S, Simatic ET200M), repeater
- software (TIA - Totally Integrated Automation Portal, SCADA WinCC (Runtime Advanced, PowerPack, WebNavigator, WebDiagnostics Client, DataMonitor, Redundancy, ControlDevelopment, Recipes, Openness, Server), STEP 7 Professional, PCS 7)
- programmers (Simatic Field PG M6)
- industrial PC Rack PC (Simatic IPC347E, Shimatik IPC547G, Rackplc847D, Simatic IPC277E, Simatic IPC277, Simatic , ITP1000), SIMATIC Box PC (SIMATIC IPC127E - Embedded IPC, SIMATIC IPC227E - Nanobox Embedded IPC, SIMATIC IPC327E - Basic IPC, SIMATIC IPC427E - Embedded IPC, SIMATIC IPC527G - Basic IPC, SIMATIC IPC627E) (SIMATIC Industrial Flat Panels Customized, SIMATIC IFP Basic),
- industrial communication (Scalance, communication modules, communication processors, IWLAN, SOFTNET Security Client, Profibus network components, Profinet network components, AC-I bus components)
- industrial touch panels HMI Simatic Base Line (KP300, KP400, KP700, KTP900, KTP1200), HMI SIMATIC HMI Comfort Panels (KTP400, TP700, TP900, TP1200, TP1500, TP1900, TP2200)

• Start-up and switching equipment:
- industrial communication AS-I, IO-Link
- contactors (specialized contactor, specialized starter) for starting electric motors, starting motors (3RT20 / 3RT10 / 3TF6 / 3RT23 / 3RT23 / 3RT25 / 3RT14 / 3TK1 / 3TK20 / 3TG / 3RA6 / 3RK / 3RM / 3RK13), contactor assemblies (3RA2)
- relays (3RQ / 3TX7 / 3RS18 / LZS), control relays (3RR / 3UG), time relays (3RP / 7PV), safety relays (3SK / 3TK)
- soft starters (specialized soft starter device) (3RW30 / 3RW40 / 3RW44 / 3RW52 / 3RW55), semiconductor contactors (3RF), power regulators
- motor protection circuit breakers (Sirius, Simocode, Sentron, Sivacon, Alpha / 3RV2 / 3RV1), thermal relays, overload relays (3RU / 3RB)
- Circuit breakers (DIN rail), industrial circuit breakers, ROM (UZO) and Dischargers (SITOR, 3FK, 3VA / 3WL10 / 3KF / SEM3 / 5SM6 / 5SV6 / 5SV RCCB, Type A / AC / F / G / K / SEL / 5TT4 / 5ST3 / 3LD3 / 3KD / 5SV3 / 3KC ATC6300 / 7KT PAC1600 / 7KT PAC1600 / 5SP3 / 5SJ4 / 5ST2 / 5SU / 3NW / 5SD)
- indicators, control buttons, light columns, light signaling equipment (3SU1 / 8WD)
- protection, control and control system of induction motors Simocode pro (3UF)
- position switches (3SE)
- converters (3RS70)
- industrial power supplies Sitop (PSU 100C, PSU 100S / 300S / 300E, PSU 100M / 200M / 300M / 8200, PSU 100P / ET200PRO PS)

• Measuring instruments, temperature converters, temperature sensors Sitrans ( TH100 / TH200 / TH300 / TH400 / TR200 / TR300 / TS300 / TS500 ), pressure sensors ( Sitrans P320, Sitrans P420, Sitrans P DS III, SITRANS P3200, SITRANS P3200, SITRANS P210 / P220 / P500 ), submersible level sensors ( Sitrans LH100, LH300 ), electromagnetic flowmeters ( Magflo Sitrans FM MAG 5000, MAG 6000, MAG 1100, MAG 3100 ), ultrasonic flowmeters, mass coriolis flowmeters, vortex vibrometers (Sitrans LVL100 / LVL200 / LVS100 / LVS200, LPS200 ), ultrasonic level sensors ( LU150 / LU180 / LU240 / LUT400 ), radar level sensors ( LR250 / LR460 / LR560 ), rod and cable radars ( LG240 / LG250 / LG260 / LG270 ), weighing modules (Siwarex)

• Gas analyzer, gas analyzers, chromatographs Ultramat, Ohimat, Sipan, Maxum II, MicroSam, Fidamat, Calomat

• Transformers Geafol, Sidac

• Building automation and safety components:
- controllers for thermal units (RWD, Synco 100, SIGMAGYR RVD, Synco 700, Climatix POL424 ... / STD)
- ventilation controllers (Synco 200, Climatix POL)
- boiler controllers, gas burner controllers (ALBATROS RVA, SIGMAGYR RVP, ALBATROS RVS, RWF50, RWF55)
- VG gas valves (VGD20, VGD40, VGG10) with SKP actuators (SKP15, SKP25, SKP55, SKP75,)
- humidity sensors, air quality sensors
- valves for central systems (VVF, VXF, VVG, VXG, MVF, MXG, MXF, GQD, GDB, GMA, GLB, GSD, GQD, GBB, GCA, GEB, GIB, GNA, GGA, ASV), combined valves, valves for zone regulation, actuators of air valves
- thermostats (RAK-T, RAM-T, RAZ-ST, TRG2)

• Cable-conduction products:
- power, control cables, ÖLFLEX controls
- UNITRONIC data network cables
- data transmission system for ETHERNET - ETHERLINE networks
- HITRONIC optical data transmission systems
- EPIC industrial electrical connections
- SKINTOP cable glands
- SILVYN cable protection system
- FLEXIMARK marking system

• Klippon Connect Industrial Terminal System

• Load control system, maxGUARD electronic fuses

• Shield components:
- KX Compact Shields
- PK polycarbonate boards
- Cast aluminum casings GA
- Terminal boxes KL
- EB Shields
- BG signal cabinets
- Compact distribution cabinets AX, AE, CM, SE 8, KS
- VX25, TS 8, SE 8 linear distributor shields
- PC Shield System
- Universal TP Remotes
- Stainless steel shields


  • 43.21 — Electric installation work
  • 43.99 — Other specialized construction work
  • 77.39 — Leasing of other machinery, equipment and goods, n.v.d.g.
  • 46.90 — Non-specialized wholesale trade
  • 62.01 — Computer programming
  • 62.02 — Advice on Information
  • 33.11 — Repair and maintenance of metal products


Head:Fedovych Yurii Mykhailovych — director
Year of foundation:2019
Number of employees:20

Banking details

EDRPOU code:43024517

Working hours

Monday: from 08:30 to 18:00
Tuesday: from 08:30 to 18:00
Wednesday: from 08:30 to 18:00
Thursday: from 08:30 to 18:00
Friday: from 08:30 to 18:00
Saturday: from 09:00 to 15:00

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