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49130m. Dnipro, vul. Sicheslavska, 4, prym. 49
Actual address:49600, m. Dnipro, vul. Naberezhna Zavodska, 7
Telephone main:(0562) 325324
Contact Phone:(0562) 324086
Fax:(0562) 325324

Activity of the enterprise


Products, services

- Design of elevators; - Installation of Elevator equipment; - Design of buildings and of apartment houses; - Designing of cottages; - Landscape design; - Construction of elevators, installation of silos; - Production of metal constructions; - Plumbing work; - Installation of heating; - Water supply and Sewerage; - Electrical work; - Piling.

About Company

The company ”Puderbach” began its work in 1996. Over the years the company has built many industrial and residential purpose, infrastructure facilities for agriculture. The company employs skilled professionals who perform their tasks accurately, efficiently and on time, not least in the current market conditions. The constant introduction of new technologies, the completion of the technical base of the enterprise. Also used during the construction of modern materials. The company employs 58 people engineering and technical personnel 245 people and skilled workers.


  • 41.20 — Construction of residential and non-residential buildings
  • 23.61 — Production of concrete products for construction
  • 46.90 — Non-specialized wholesale trade
  • 71.12 — Activities in the field of engineering, geology and geodesy, provision of technical advice in these areas
  • 42.11 — Construction of roads and motorways
  • 42.13 — Building bridges
  • 42.21 — Construction of pipelines


Head:Boiko Liubov Vasylivna

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EDRPOU code:42617714

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Check Date:26.06.2020

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