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36011m. Poltava, vul. Gogolya, 20a, of. 111
Actual address:36011, m. Poltava, vul. Gogolya, 20a, of. 111
Telephone main:(050) 3083936
Fax:(096) 6220940

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Advocate services:
- land law;
- banking law;
- corporate law;
- labor Law;
- commercial law;
- family law;
- inheritance law;
- housing law.

About Company

Every person in life may need to resolve serious issues in the field of law: the division of property after divorce, the issue of inheritance, protection of rights at work, housing disputes and much more, which the person alone can not always cope with. After all, having no special knowledge, it is difficult to hope for their positive decision. Therefore, in such situations, it is best to seek professional help.

The Law Office of Yulia Dubinka will provide quality, professional and qualified legal and lawyer services. Our bureau specialists are successful lawyers and lawyers with more than 15 years of legal experience.

Our target audience is both individuals and legal entities, natural persons-entrepreneurs, local self-government bodies, foreign citizens.

Therefore, do not waste your time thinking about how to act and what to do, trust the professionals of the Law Office of Yulia Dubinka.


  • 69.10 — Activities in the field of law


Head:Dubynka Yuliia Serhiivna — director

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EDRPOU code:42392754

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Check Date:25.03.2020

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Coordinates: 49.5845999, 34.5546768

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