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09300Kyivska obl., Volodarskyi r-n, smt. Volodarka, vul. Kooperatyvna, 141v
Actual address:08132, Kyivska obl., s. Svyatoperekopske, vul. Industrialna, 29
08132, Kyivska obl., s. Svyatoperekopske, vul. Industrialna, 29
Telephone main:(044) 2391300
Contact Phone:(044) 2390866

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METROFF is a company that operates in the field of car gas fuel. The company provides a full range of services from the sale of methane to the installation of the equipment on the car. The company has launched its own loyalty programme, CLUB ENERGY. On the company website you can find such information on the sales of automotive gas: Wholesale. Retail. Tickets fuel card. Maps of gas stations a private company. The company is engaged in realization LPG, the application can be left directly on the site, order equipment and view store locations. Also, Metasoft provides services for the maintenance of LPG, namely: Electrician for STO # 2 at.Kyiv Desnyansky R-n (str), St Electrical, 4-A. Cleaning benzofuranol. Diagnosis of LPG. The Express oil change. Adjustment of LPG. The inspection and repair of automotive and household methane and propane cylinders, in accordance with resolution No. 2037.09.30-74.30.0 dated 16.07.2009 G. Repair of LPG. Replacement of components LPG. Technical inspection of LPG installed on the car, with the issuance of the control certificate and the Protocol. The inspection that is installed on LPG, with the issuance of documents for registration of LPG in MREO.


  • 47.30 — Retail fuel
  • 45.20 — Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
  • 46.71 — Wholesale of solid, liquid and gaseous fuels and related products
  • 47.11 — Retail sale in non-specialized stores with food, beverages and tobacco
  • 49.41 — Road freight transport
  • 56.10 — Restaurants, Food services
  • 68.20 — Leasing and exploitation of own or leased real estate


Head:Omelchuk Oksana Rostyslavivna

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EDRPOU code:41553482

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Check Date:23.12.2019

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Coordinates: 50.3396221, 30.2795791

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