Catalog of Ukrainian enterprises


Registered address:49054, m. Dnipro, prosp. Polia, 50d
Telephone main:(073) 1352481

About Company

Head:Dihalov Oleksii Yuriiovych


  • 71.11 — Activities in the field of architecture
  • 46.13 — Activities of intermediaries in the sale of timber and building materials and sanitary ware
  • 46.15 — Activities of intermediaries in the sale of furniture, household goods, hardware and ironmongery
  • 46.16 — The activities of intermediaries in the trade of textiles, fur, footwear and leather goods
  • 46.18 — The activities of intermediaries specialized in trade in other goods
  • 46.47 — Wholesale of furniture, carpets and lighting accessories
  • 82.99 — Provision of other commercial services subsidiary, n.v.d.g.

Inside information

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