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For museum visitors, real and virtual tours of the museum, laboratory facilities, where eco-paper is created and production shops. The activity of the museum is volunteer.

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”Paper Museum” began its work in the premises of the Snake Paper Factory in 2018. The factory building is over 125 years old and it is a unique historic building.
The purpose of the museum was the desire of factory workers to tell society, including schoolchildren, about the development of the paper industry from ancient times to the present, how production processes have changed and modernized, become environmentally friendly and economical.

The museum has exhibits - machines and equipment for printing and publishing. Thanks to the support of volunteers and patrons over the two years of activity has accumulated a large number of exhibits of paper and paper products. Some objects are over 200 years old. But the main museum exhibits are unique machines on which paper was created in the early twentieth century. No less important component of The museum is the demonstration of modern environmental trends in printing. Given that the paper in the factory is mostly made from recycled materials, and the building is heated using an alternative energy source (sunflower husk), its public message is to spread the idea of ​​preserving the environment and environmental attitude to production. This is the basis of the museum. In particular, the factory operates equipment that processes Tetra Pak packaging and other recyclables. Kraft paper and book paper are made from recycled materials. Samples of recycled products are stored in the museum.

The main target audience is schoolchildren of Ukraine, representatives of educational organizations.


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Head:Kalynychenko Yurii Anatoliiovych — director
Year of foundation:2018

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Profile edited:Anastasiya Igorovna Konoplyan — Curator of the Museum of Paper
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